Rightly said and Concisely said

One day the Nouns were clustered in the street. An Adjective walked by, with her dark beauty The Nouns were struck, moved, changed. The next day a Verb drove up, and created the Sentence. Kenneth Koch

Find Your inner Eve

  I am a daughter of Eve. True!! But I do also inherit some qualities of my father Adam. If I have been created to amuse or to care just as, usually, goes with the idea of Eve's creation, I can also demand to be amused and to be cared, a justified behavior that definitely owes to my father Adam 's genes.  Adam who ,once, was in the need of  companionship,  of being heard ,  cared and   loved. All these traits of Adam run in my blood too. I look more like my mother Eve, but my nature has got enough shades of my father's genes . Why does everyone ignore my pro-Adam half, and just concentrate on Pro-eve qualities. Do the sons of Adam find my pro-Adam traits intimidating ?Do they find a rival in me? If it is so , then let it be. I am a blend of both Adam and eve.Those who want me to kill my inner Adam , I advice them to find their inner Eve, only then they claim to be complete human .

A Reflection on “ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

How can a president be overthrown just for increasing minimum wages? Isn’t it a just action a president can possibly take to favour his people? But even then,  Manuel Zelaya was overthrown for doing just the same. Does a man, who fights for the maritime trade route that legally belongs to its country , deserve to die? Isn’t it a duty of a president to protect the assets of its country? But even then, Omer Torroji was assassinated in a well orchestrated plane crash. Doesn't a man , who rightfully accused the group of missionaries for colluding with oil companies and manipulating the innocent minds of indigenous people, deserve to live ? Isn’t  it heroic to speak against the manipulation of indigenous communities at the hand powerful exploiters? But even then Jaime Roldos was killed. Isn’t is necessary to overthrow the foreign oil companies that exploit your land and turn the co

Yet, Life Continues

Hundred times, believe me , hundred times I have given myself warning  that ENOUGH with complaining, enough with expecting, enough with being hopeful and enough with crying. But every time, I forget about this self-flagellation  and continue the same useless errands in the name of LIFE. May be this feeling of being a looser is also a part of life or may e this is life. This feeling tells you that once you possessed something or at least a hope of possessing something.And this thirst shows that you are alive. No matter how weak, how damaged your hope is, it has long roots and it will never die out. Why? sometime you are tired of being hopeful. Sometime you are just tired of giving justifications.   Damn it!!! This hope will not leave me. And I will witness it getting shattered again.

The Sky is the same Everywhere- so said Virginia Woolf

Yes it is same.Even though you have not traveled the whole world; you have not seen the soil color of different fields  or tasted the water of strange springs sprouting from remote corners; you can make this claim that "The Sky is  the same everywhere". But does the same sky shower the same sort of blessing for every living being? It is another and totally different question. Many, Many (and in fact many) years back when I was small (very small indeed), and used to miss my maternal uncle when he left after spending few holidays with us ; a weird yet effective practice used to heal me in the times of sorrow. I would look at sky and told me rather console myself by thinking that the sky over my head would be the same as the one there over the head of my uncle , so we had something as a connection.  Many years later ( though I was still small but not very ) , my mother died. Life changed and the change brought anxiety . A strong uncomfortable feeling did not let me t

A Lonely day

A single lonely silent day, amidst  so many others flourished with daily chores and frequent  sounds of laughter, tells you that how fake and vulnerable your smile is. Silence introduces you with the dark recesses of your mind and many buried thoughts sprout out from hibernation and tickle your wounded conscious.                                                                       sADnESs