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The world is Thine, not mine

Last night, I was reading an Ode written by poet of east ‘’Dr.Muhammad Ilama Iqbal’’.In this Ode, he communicates with God and apparently charge him for all the happenings or mishappenings in this world. This apparent blame game has sheer shades of respect and ultimate obedience. This single line’’ The world is Thine, not mine’’ can rescue the man from an everlasting dilemma regarding the concept of misfortune. We keep on mingling our head with the things that do not comes in our territory and are surely decided in His precinct still we do not accept this fact and do not enjoy the things that we have in the lamentation of those which we don’t have. The lack of faith in the supremacy of God makes us feel like falling Govt that is roaming in bewilderment among angry folk. We keep standing our self in a witness box and keep persecuting it for failing in respective mission having being forgetful that there is a God who ready to listen and hold us even though we have fallen in the bosom of…