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Don't read this

When you write something ,you often do this with the intention of sharing with known or unknown ,wanted or unwanted readers.When i started writing my blogs,my goal was to earn readership.I liked when people visited my blog and read my posts.This wish to be read and admired by others made me conscious and bound my thoughts.then i stopped writing posts,people stopped visiting my place and blog's words became unheard stories.
now i am taking advantage of this solitary less visited place.Whatever i would say here,none would listen,and even if someone would do ,he or she would not be even distantly related to me.I am sick of rude careless and selfish people.i am surrounded by few.And I don't know how to deal with them .I dont pray too often,I think a lot,usually negative things kept my mind occupied.
things are not good  they are not doing fine. at least for now.