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If I could ever Rule!

Every Human being rules in his or her world of imagination. Even if a layman could be a king, or queen while roaming about in the valley of sublime dreams free from worldly sour facts. Let me introduce here the princess living somewhere in my imagination.
My name is Princes Roxanne. I belong to the kingdom of green land. When I opened my eyes, I found myself among love, affection and attention. The racial superiority of my family glorifies our status in tremendous way. Being the only daughter of the present King, I am supposed to rule over this very territory in near future. This insight of upcoming authority compels me to think a lot about my way, I will obtain during epoch of my own regime.
I personally love to see happy faces with contented hearts. I can not even bear a mere glimpse of sorrow .I wish there would be a boundary around my territory that would not allow any shadow of pain to snatch the charm of colorful life of my people. I want to build an invisible wall keep my subj…


I just come back from my father's home.Yes;my FATHER'S HOME. Sounds weird ,a home that has been mine from the last 26 years now it is related to me just because it is owned by my father. It happens all the time,with every girl /woman.(technically a married girl is a woman yet not ready to leave the title of girl) ).
But now it happened to me and I experienced how it felt.The place was like before,dressing table,book shelf, cupboard,kitchen,etc etc etc.but my things were not there.dressing table missing the shades of lipstick i usually put on as it is in the use of my sister.Besides this i have brought all the stuff with me at he time of wedding.the book shelf was getting deserted day by day as during every visit i bring one or two with me. kitchen is not ion way I used to keep it.salt,chili powder,garam masalah, turmeric powder,every thing has changed its place.may be this is the feeling known as displacement.
But  I do promise with my own self that this displacement will nev…

An Acknowledgement

To speak what you really want to speak is next to impossible. But when comes the matter of writing, we can perform this task. Words manipulate complains of heart and none can guess who is blaming whom and why.:-) Leave it. Let me share straight forwardly what is going on in my mind. I always think why some people are more amicable and why some people are bad tempered. Why do some faces pass smile with every breath. And why do few faces keep frowning all the time. I just got the answer rather excuse ;-). We have been told often to justify the existence of evil in the world that good and evil both are necessary to maintain the balance of world. So the same is the case with Smiling and frowning. We are all doing our job for maintaining the balance of the world; some by passing a smile and some by doing the opposite job. Our bad tempered fellows are not really bad.:-)

Kitchen combat

I couldn't write even single post coz my kitchen have been devouring the creative skills of newly wed bride-who is getting old day by day.
But today I felt that this venture of getting married and furnishing a new home has snatched a considerable time so arooj gets back to old writing business.
To create a piece of writing is much easier then pealing off garlic :)