Kitchen combat

I couldn't write even single post coz my kitchen have been devouring the creative skills of newly wed bride-who is getting old day by day.
But today I felt that this venture of getting married and furnishing a new home has snatched a considerable time so arooj gets back to old writing business.

To create a piece of writing is much easier then pealing off garlic :)


Jack said…

So true and what about chopping onions? I am sure you are making everyone proud of you. Hope to see you regularly, even with small posts with more photographs.

Take care
Arooj said…
@ jack
thanks uncle jack
So true. Peeling that garlic is tricky. I just use a garlic press because it's easier. There are no short-cuts to good writing. You have to peel it out, layer by layer.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Play off the Page
Hello, greetings and good wishes.

I agree a lot of creative skills are needed in setting up a house and cooking food. But then this is a specialized field and needs a lot of innovative ideas and painstaking effort. We also derive a great satisfaction when things are accomplished. We are proud of the end result especially if others appreciate our work. We start by trial and error and over a period of time acquire expertise. I wish you all the best.

When you talked about peeling garlic, I laughed. Yes it is a tough job. My sister told me that she peels garlic in her spare time and not just before cooking dishes. Many people take the easy way out.They use ginger garlic paste which is readily available in shops.

Best wishes,
Arooj. I saw you in a comment on another blogger's post so I've come by so say hello. Great picture of peeling garlic, lol. Yes, writing is easier. I find onions even worse.

Good to see you back Heavenly muse! I was wondering what had happend to you :)
Good to see you back Heavenly muse! I was wondering what had happend to you :)
Hi nice practice more practice one day I will be the kitchen best wishes
Had to smile at your comment about it being easier to write than peel garlic!

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. It was enjoyable to come and visit you from around the world.

Please accept my sincere congratulations on your new marriage... may it be one that's filled with joy and kindness every day.
RiĆ  said…
I hate peeling garlic and the smell it leaves behind.
Punam said…
he he.. even i feel so, peeling garlic is so so very difficult!! I used to hate it when i was small, but now, I do it nonchalantly. :) No choice na.. :)
Lydia said…
It is so interesting to read your posts about being a newlywed. Your post helped me to recall when I was first married and would bake bread in this tiny kitchen in the house we rented. The only consistently warm area in the house to place the dough for it to rise was in the closet that kept the water heater!
Dr Sonia S V said…
Ha Ha that is a wonderful way of saying it!! That peeling a garlic is harder than writing!!

Cheers from Bangalore, India

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