The Real Friends

No flower always smells the same , No butterfly always sheds the same color from its wings ,No happy incident always holds the same stamina to make one smile, No sad happening always keep one sad. None holds eternity except one thing that is BOOK.

Last day, I visited my favorite bookshop. After a long endeavor, I managed this visit. When I was strolling between bookshelves, my heart was feeling a strange ecstasy as if I am going to hunt a buried treasure. Then I found my treasure: a complete collection of my favorite writer Chaim Potok.

I don’t remember that how much old this relationship between me and books. But I know one thing that keeps this relationship stronger and alive. And that thing is my wish to keep myself fresh and to add new flavors to apparently the same looking life. I can’t claim that reading is the only habit that keeps one fresh yet I am enough assure to say that books are really selfless friends they just shower upon you immense happiness and demands nothing in return.


Bikramjit said…
Hmmm yeah true books are such good friends they are with us , we do what we want to with them and they jsut accept it :)

coincidence i myself wrote a not on friends :)

Heavenly Muse said…

Yup..i just read it and found it a really sincere tribute to the relationship of real friendship.
very touchy.
well you are right books accept every kind of behavior with open heart.:-)
Kali said…
Amen to that. Books have so much power, they can make the crappiest day- the best!
I've never read Chaim Potok books... what are his books based on?
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Kali
these all are novel but not typical fiction rather they tell us the condition of migrants and how the religion clashes with one's desires .simple but heartening thoughts full of gravity.It accentuates the real purpose of life.

I fully agree with you.Books are the best friends a person can have.

I also love to buy books.But many times I am just thrilled in buying them but I don't have the patience to read them fully.I have many books that are unread.Yet I clean them and look after them like they are some treasure.In addition I also get books from the library and although I can keep these books with me for two months most times I don't completely read the books.It is a pity that I have this weakness to own books but not read them.In any case I am just happy looking at them.

Best wishes,
Sakshi said…
Books. Dear Books. They make me who I am. I have cried with them, have laughed with them, and I have dreamt with them.

I am purely a book addict!
dr.antony said…
Yes, truly the best companion,specially for the lonely.
I am not familiar with the author.Will definitely try.
Himanshu said…
the day i begin with reading a book keeps me fresh. Just heard that a Karachi Novelist bagged the first prize in Jaipur. Sorry i dont remember the exact name. My student age is still on so not able to go through much books.
Wish someday i be. Please Allah .....plz
Christopher said…
I've never read Potok but I've seen him lying around my favorite little bookstore before. Next time I think I'll give him a shot.
Heavenly Muse said…
@Joseph Pulikoti
Thanks for your sharing.
there was a time when i used to behave similarly...then i developed sentimental relationship with books and also became very selective.

its not bad addiction

you will definitely enjoy it.

@Christopher will find him genuine nad near to your heart...
thanks for the comment.

@ Himanshu
during student age ..the excessive reading could detract you from study try to manage some spare time otherwise study is best priority...I didn't know about that writer as i am very poor at current affairs.
sm said…
yes books are real friends
Anonymous said…
Books are not Friends....
But close friends....

Loved to read your post when the world is filled with people saying"I don't find reading interesting..It's boring!"
Haddock said…
Nothing like getting hold of a good book.....

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