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Magic of voice

I love to speak. Being a female there is nothing new in my just uttered statement as every woman has more or less inclination to speaking bout rather talking about different matters.But I really love to talk since my childhood when I was not even aware of gender discrimination. Fluent flawless speech is my weakness. I often think about the variation that exists between vocal cords of different people. I get tackled by the charm of beautiful, thundering, sometime smooth or Husky voices especially in documentaries where narrator’s voice is responsible for creating a magical realm that can captivate the Viewers.I few hours ago .I heard a documentary in the voice of Dilly Barlow’’.Wow.Amazing.Superb.And I dedicated my post to her and all those people who make this tool of communication ‘’language’’, more attractive for all of us.


Keep remember your past if you don’t want to make same mistake again and again.Forget your past; never look back, if you want to move ahead.The most obvious advisory statements, that everyone listen in one or other day dy of one’s life.Both attitudes are contradictory. Isn’t it?But you know what I do. Though I am not a famous personality nor I have achieved something very special in life yet my sharing has some worth .you know why? I belong to the most widely spread type of human beings.I belong the category of common man.ooops common woman infect,JThe same common man who survive through thick and thin yet his existence remain undistinguished. A common man who put in every phase of his life yet his endeavors remain untocied.Well its very big topic.Let’s come to the point. What I do when comes the matters of opting or discarding my past.I show a 50/50 attitude.I forget the people who did wrong with me, but keep remember the circumstances that led me towards that trouble so that I could…