Don't read this


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When you write something ,you often do this with the intention of sharing with known or unknown ,wanted or unwanted readers.When i started writing my blogs,my goal was to earn readership.I liked when people visited my blog and read my posts.This wish to be read and admired by others made me conscious and bound my thoughts.then i stopped writing posts,people stopped visiting my place and blog's words became unheard stories.

now i am taking advantage of this solitary less visited place.Whatever i would say here,none would listen,and even if someone would do ,he or she would not be even distantly related to me.I am sick of rude careless and selfish people.i am surrounded by few.And I don't know how to deal with them .I dont pray too often,I think a lot,usually negative things kept my mind occupied.

things are not good 
they are not doing fine.
at least for now.

Lets Battle with Life


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Every other day of life is drenched in multiple problems of various types and in various shades :electricity issues,WiFi not working,car 's mechanical work and health matters.Among all these preoccupations ,the emotional and sentimental blows triggered by distant and immediate relatives 's unexpected moves have their own severe impact.

Many of times I feel like running away from this daily cruel business of mundane life.
An urge to find out a place where an utmost certainty and peace could embrace me affectionately,often restricts me from performing daily tasks.But what would I be without these daily ups and down? These daily problems and my way of of tackling them defines my personality.Every other problem invokes a new spirit in me and I come up with readily conceived solution.My mind keeps on working along with other body parts ,and bring the gift of relief -no matter how temporary it is- to my throbbing heart.

These daily challenges remind me that I am alive and I will keep alive till I keep battling in the arena of life.Lets face these challenges with a never fading smile.

A strange world of Facebook


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Strange world of Facebook

1>the girls who spend all university /college years cursing each other and in back biting ,promptly become friends on facebook after getting married just to show off newly found husbands.

" oh such a nice couple"
" looking awesome jani" bla bla bla

2> people who have spent money and time on "Aamil bawa bangali" for casting spell on relatives suddenly become fan of Dr zakir naik and dr tariq jameel.

3>a baby is born in labour room but celebrated in facebook...tiny creature weighing 5 to 6 pounds struggling to look like human seed,is put on the time line and here come comments:

" oh shoo shweetoo"
" oh little princess "
"oh look like dad/mom"
bla bla

4>wife and husband ( while cannot find another any other personal slot to admire each other ) appreciating each other for nothing:

" i am so thankful to ALLAH who gave me husband like you"
" oh you are my janu hubby"

An old addiction


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I love the walls. They are my companion in the times of pleasure and sorrow. They witness my smiles and tears the month they take birth. They keep ready to take me in when I feel threatened by the mundane maneuvering of the world around. Despite being concrete structures, they are soft enough that I could rest my back against them and shed my worries away.  In return, I want my friends to be in good shape. The decor of walls is my passion, whether you have a big house or small, the walls can easily be managed without getting too much concerned about the space. They embraced the beauty so majestically and make you feel royal when you find yourself enshrined within beauty laden surroundings

A Little Effort


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Few days back my maid-servant  resigned without telling me beforehand.I felt as if I am standing in a desert where not a single is available to help me out.I started searching for new maid but all my effort got in vain.then a thought came to my mind,as I have put on enough weight in last few months and i was planing to start some exercise ,I decided that I myself  will  do cleansing of the house.So I took on the job and my home responded by looking more fresh and bright and my body fat has started decreasing. I killed two birds with one rock.

Few interesting words


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"Your teacher did not want to be a teacher. He wanted to be a meter reader at the electric utility. Meter readers do not have to put up with children, work comparatively little, and what is more important, have greater opportunity for corruption and are hence both better off and held in higher regard by society. Nor was becoming a meter reader out of your teacher’s reach. His uncle worked for the electric utility. But the one position as meter reader this uncle was able to facilitate went, as all things most desirable in life invariably went, to your teacher’s elder brother"

An interesting excerpt i read in a novel .just wanted to share here.

Soul of Words


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I have seen people saying,'' We have read this much books'.Thereclaim of reading any book may be enough to make them bookish but wehether thsi claim is enough to prove one's frirndfship with book,words,even the spaces between these words?

I believe every word has a soul.our souls gerts conected with these words.And then these words become the part of our personality.

Khaled Husseni's kite Runners is one of these books that cinnectw ith you.That teaches you humanity.Or something more,that something can only be comprehensed wthen you let soul to communicate with the words.When you have the courage of taking the responsibility that words hold.

Dont just read book,but rather communicate with it.Let you soul fly with the words.