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for my own self

Very difficult to endure that none is waiting for you when you come to home after a tiring day.
Very hard to believe that none is looking for your arrival to a gathering.
Very thorny to swallow that fact that none is enough attentive to listen your words.
And similarly very difficult to believe that none is waiting for Arooj ‘s next post.
My busy lazy husband, my sluggish busy doctor sister and my complex cousin, no one ever read my post without my insistence to do so. How sad na.
But from now on, I decided that I will write regardless anyone is reading or not.
There must be something in this life that we could do only for our own self.
So I will write for my own self.:-)

We still Love Afridi

Though there was a bulk of mistakes.

But the sincerity and hard work of Afridi was the most lucid part of the game that being a sensible Pakistani I cant ignore.

After a long long time I proudly dedicate this post to our accomplished captain who led our team in such a difficult situation.May our politicians could learn from Afridi that how could one sail a rotten cruise.

We truly Love you Afridi
And wish a good bright future to Wahab Riaz.