We still Love Afridi

Though there was a bulk of mistakes.

But the sincerity and hard work of Afridi was the most lucid part of the game that being a sensible Pakistani I cant ignore.

After a long long time I proudly dedicate this post to our accomplished captain who led our team in such a difficult situation.May our politicians could learn from Afridi that how could one sail a rotten cruise.

We truly Love you Afridi
And wish a good bright future to Wahab Riaz.


Rachna said…
Afridi has matured so much. He conducted himself so well, and we were all bowled by the sterling behavior of his team and him. One team had to lose, but there is no shame in losing to a team which did better than you on that day. Well done Pakistan team!
Bikramjit said…
Indeed you are so right , even if india won. I must say Afridi gave us a fright and at half time we did think we will lose the game, Pakistan did some mistakes on the field and then later in batting.
but nothing to take away from the man himself He did so well and gave his best .
So well done to the pakistan team.

Himanshu said…
hi really best wishes again. Pakistan really played well and beyond d expectations. India is very lucky against Pakistan. Good to see such a patriotism.
Afridi team deserves a hats off.
Lizzie said…
afridi is heart <3
Jack said…
H M,

He did a good job. He lead a team knowing that it was uphill task. They played well but luck was not in their favour.

Take care

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