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A Hug

Today my father gave me a Hug.Wow!It felt me so special.Very reassuring as it assured me my father’s love for me.Very protective as it gave me a feeling of being inside an aura of affection.Very calm as it soothed me while I was out-raged by a hell of reasons.I and my father, were having a kind of continues arguments since last many days. But today I had a quarrel with my younger brother as he did something wrong .I wept a lot. I was so disturbed .But then among such a teasing moments I got something.A hug –From a father to his daughter-I know everything will be fine. Soon the differences of my younger brother with rest of the family will boil down. Yet the affectionate gesture of my father will always be with me.

Endearing Remnants

Where is my knife? You know I can’t use any other thing for cutting these vegetables. My mother would shout like this whenever she could not be able to find an old knife (that more looked like a dagger) while working in kitchen.Infact that knife has a complete history. My mother used to say that that knife was a production of her grandfather (maternal) ‘s genius mind, when he was in Kenya.My mother would add more spice to her narration by saying that he used to build home with wood and live near a wild forest for gathering timber. During His stay, he made this knife for himself and then it handed down in mother 's family.My mother eventually had this Family monument. We got so amazed by listening this story as it was astonishing for us ‘’The journey of a knife from Kenya to Pakistan.Then my mother had another antique dresser ( a sort of) which has an embellished and emotional history. My mother was very dear to her grandfather (paternal).She spent her childhood in his company and …


I am feeling so empty today as if I am having no control over anything happening around. Then following few lines seemed of doing a catharsis of my perplex condition.All my life I believed I knew something. But then one strange day came when I realized that I knew nothing, yes, I knew nothing. And so words became void of meaning. I have arrived too late at ultimate uncertainty.Ezra Pound

Resonate your Life

I often feel weary, at different times of day: sometime in the morning while leaving for work, during nights sleeping late night with worried concern of getting up early in the morning, sometimes during lunch having the same conventional ordinary stuff .Doing same things with a same pace at the time at the same place makes me more like old moldy machine .whenever this boredom startsgetting on my nerves, someone whispered; wake up girl, break the ice, give a jerk to your routine by Resonating your forgotten relationship. Relationship???Yes relations; Father, mother sister, Brother, wife, husband etc .Keep them alive by pushing a ‘’refresh’’ button once a week .share a cup of tea with your sister a telling her about an incident at office. Offer your helping hand to your mother in making dinner and while working at cutborad, tell her about your upcoming plans and add her goodwill to your enterprises. Give a tight hug to you younger brother for a mere reason that he is looking dashing in …

Colors Reflect

We have had our house painted this week. Such hectic time it was. It seems colors are getting on our nerves. But it was necessary from the point of view of cleanliness and to somehow for aesthetic sense (if we had any).The choice of color for their respective rooms expressed personality of each of my family member .The color they chose for their rooms showed their inner intensities. For example, my father is a person who still likes the home decor of 70s and 80s.He never came out from the charisma of off white paint. Besides this, he wants everything in order in really smooth and straight manner so he has had all the walls of his room painted with a same color. After a great endeavor I forced him to give a little bit different shade to one corner so that it could break the monotony of the roomMy little brother is a great admirer of wrestling and Randy Orton. He like aggression in everything. His pompous personality can be read through the dark maroon painted walls of his room. A perf…