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Demand for Justice

I believe that my this and a lot of upcoming posts will be a zigzag note of depression and suppression.
:-)...(wow what  a poetic expression)
i think a lot.that's my problem since childhood.the concept of tit for tat always overwhelmingly affect my behavior.
i never did bad to anymore and never kept unreturned anyone' goodness,
Do good Have Good.But it is not mentioned that after doing how much good you will be able to get some in return.; -)
next post will be about selfishness and self centeredness of human beings.(i wonder with these two traits one deserved to call human )

All about me

Life shows me new shades every day,some are good,some  are bad and some are really bad and some are really really bad.Now a days ,I am thinking that which kind of attitude I should opt towards such changing situations,accept them with a smile,or with frowning,or reject them with a big NO.

the question is this whether I am in a condition of saying No.Whether my goodness in  past is being remembered by the people I am dealing with.Or the all brains are blindfolded.

aaahhhhh....Tis post is about me and more less only for me yet i believe some hearts can understand it.
keep me remember in your prayers.

May Allah bless us all.