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An old addiction

I love the walls. They are my companion in the times of pleasure and sorrow. They witness my smiles and tears the month they take birth. They keep ready to take me in when I feel threatened by the mundane maneuvering of the world around. Despite being concrete structures, they are soft enough that I could rest my back against them and shed my worries away.  In return, I want my friends to be in good shape. The decor of walls is my passion, whether you have a big house or small, the walls can easily be managed without getting too much concerned about the space. They embraced the beauty so majestically and make you feel royal when you find yourself enshrined within beauty laden surroundings

A Little Effort

Few days back my maid-servant  resigned without telling me beforehand.I felt as if I am standing in a desert where not a single is available to help me out.I started searching for new maid but all my effort got in vain.then a thought came to my mind,as I have put on enough weight in last few months and i was planing to start some exercise ,I decided that I myself  will  do cleansing of the house.So I took on the job and my home responded by looking more fresh and bright and my body fat has started decreasing. I killed two birds with one rock.

Few interesting words

"Your teacher did not want to be a teacher. He wanted to be a meter reader at the electric utility. Meter readers do not have to put up with children, work comparatively little, and what is more important, have greater opportunity for corruption and are hence both better off and held in higher regard by society. Nor was becoming a meter reader out of your teacher’s reach. His uncle worked for the electric utility. But the one position as meter reader this uncle was able to facilitate went, as all things most desirable in life invariably went, to your teacher’s elder brother"

An interesting excerpt i read in a novel .just wanted to share here.