A Little Effort

Few days back my maid-servant  resigned without telling me beforehand.I felt as if I am standing in a desert where not a single is available to help me out.I started searching for new maid but all my effort got in vain.then a thought came to my mind,as I have put on enough weight in last few months and i was planing to start some exercise ,I decided that I myself  will  do cleansing of the house.So I took on the job and my home responded by looking more fresh and bright and my body fat has started decreasing. I killed two birds with one rock.


B said…
well they do say one door closes the other opens ..

she left and you did a better job and two birds with one stone .. yaipeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

anonymous007 said…
i want to open the door
go through with pockets
full Heart content

i will play by the rules show me the way

yaipeeee :)
anonymous007 said…
hi God i am talking to You. PLEASE forgive my absence Oh Heavenly Muse! My shortcomings may be attributed to my poor socialization but there is no excuse for bad behaviour, and as such I prostrate myself before your divine inspiration. i have read and reread the rules of the game and i am here to abide by them, oh birds and stones which may be expeditiously absorbed in beauty and majesty. oh how alive i feel to see the day of our grand separation, two cosmic energies at last freed of the charged atomic energy and like new and light beauty to behold and safety security for all in pakistan! we shall have a good way of life in this country always and all the people of this land shall get along with one another! just found your blogs and loving the information. god bless and thank you for the wonderful energies which is what i have really needed.
anonymous007 said…
the dictator does not share
he has now the wealth of a king
he is a garbage human being
he persecutes all in the kingdom
to show novel tastes is execution
to be happy and aay is nay "

that's a poem i found in the dungeon of the dictator

anonymous007 said…
there is a lot of hate inside me against the dictator who threw me into this mess

i have only love for the makers of my face and mind (the dictator is not included in my upbringing nor my future i have removed him from my memory and once the bear food comes in hand will start new life elsewhere far away from dictator but i will miss watchful eye of big brother)

i have a lot of fear for the future and i am so happy to have found this blog whereby i can express the thoughts of my characters

there is now love and sunshine i believe that good things can now happen to me

please accept me humble apologies for the delay in writing but I have regressed somewhat mentally because the dictator can do that to anyone

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