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The movie Amistad made me cry ....after a long time i am as moved by anything as i used to be in my childhood ,when i was innocent not have a corrupted soul. The idea of freedom ,sometimes travels from national collective thought to the individual level.Sometimes,it permeates from an individual brain to the surrounding Any case ''idea of freedom should prevail and hold sway''

Ssssshhh!!! silence

''ik chup tay so sukh''
A proverb of punjabi language,it means
''silence can save you from lot of troubles''
I never contemplated on this proverb as strongly as i ave been from last few years.This is month of october,my mother's death anniversary is mother was strong believer of this proverb.she was famous for her silent and calm personality.I know there was enough turbulence that kept  going on under the calm surface yet she managed to maintain a pretty peaceful environment.
I am 27
I spent first 5 years of my life in ''yelling''.As i believe that what i used to speak it was not comprehensible or worth listening.
the next 10 years were spent in speaking A solo speech delivered by a solo confident speaker that earn enough appreciation and awe yet don't bother to to receive any response.
And then came the period of ''talking''.i became chatter box.10 years of chit chat.I conversaed a lot i spoke and earned …

Magical Teddy

During recent visit to my father's home -infact my home in Lahore- we people again had fight for the custody for ''Macho Man''.Macho man is small teddy bear.this name has been given by my brother.

The history of Macho Man was as simpl as Macho Man himself.I and my sister bought it for my brother 4 years back only for rupees 150(1.2$).And then this teddy started winning every one's heart.My elder sister who never played with dolls and never bothered to watch Tom & jerry ,started placing this teddy beside him while preparing for her exams.My husband always put that teddy beside his laptop during his work.And then i myself fell in love with his cute innocent eyes.

this teddy brought smile to different sort of people with different bend of minds.I guess there is something magical in it.:-)