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Good Bye

I developed a relation with my readers.I know them via theirs blogs.

I know about the creativity of Bikramjit Maan.
I know uncle Jack takes things critically and gives best advice.
I know Purvi always consider my nws post.
I know sakhshi gives her sincere opinion.
and many more
But now I am tired.
i was here to share things.but now there is something that cannot be shared and i cannot bear the pain of being pretentious. Probably the last post.

May Allah bless you all.

Protest medication

yes! the right of protest erases the pains of suffering to great extent. But what if we are not even given that right???????? I want to speak till my heart's content.
Well today I did test for M.phil Eng.only 2 percent chance of passing it. wish me a luck.