Good Bye

I developed a relation with my readers.I know them via theirs blogs.

I know about the creativity of Bikramjit Maan.
I know uncle Jack takes things critically and gives best advice.
I know Purvi always consider my nws post.
I know sakhshi gives her sincere opinion.
and many more
But now I am tired.
i was here to share things.but now there is something that cannot be shared and i cannot bear the pain of being pretentious. Probably the last post.

May Allah bless you all.


Shomoita said…
What did you mean by "Probably the last post"? Are you going to quit blogging? Is everything okay?

Take care.
Jack said…

Read 2 posts now. I agree that if one has right to protest it does mitigate suffering to a large extent but losing that right is in own hands. This is your space where you can let your pain flow out to ease your mind. So please do reconsider of continuing here and pour your heart out. Write what you wish to and how you wish to. If you are sad you need not pretend happiness. We are there to be with you to make efforts to lessen your burden. The choice is entirely yours.

Take care
Bikramjit said…
dont say that , come on .. give it time .. things will come

dont go please :)

Lynda R Young said…
aw, Arooj, there was nothing pretentious about your words. Many blessings to you also.
Sakshi said…
Hey Arooj,
Take a break, but don't give up.. please!
All your readers love you!
I hope whatever it is that is troubling you gets fine soon :)
dr.antony said…
There are times in life when we need to take a break. It will make you stronger and more energetic when you come back.Whatever be the reason for your cocooning, I wish god guides you through.
Hi Happy Id and where is my idi?
You can't stop blogging. I need my idi.

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