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My Reason for Celebration

I am very calculated .yes,i keep remember all important dates of the life ,the dates deserved to be celebrated and the ones to be lamented as well.My late grand fathers's birthday,my mother,father and sister's birthday ,all dates are really important for me.After getting married ,the amount of dates of celebration tremendously increased .The day i met my husband,the day he purposed me,his birthday,our nikah's day,our wedding etc.Even i never forget the dates my husband fought me.He is kind of a person who is accustomed of forgetting.Keep remember dates and recalling same old events make him bore.But last night he gave me a surprise.
Let me tell you people first that we both do not have any emotional attachment with 14th of Feb.As per I know that 14th of Feb was started celebrating by the people of medieval ages to diminish effect of one of the events of pagans' age.Neither the famous Saint valentine has ever been found involved in any romantic activity.Well i may be wro…