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Arooj weds Altaf

At last after an immense preparation and a bundle of concern, I got married at 24th of November. The big day of my life passed away so briskly. I grew up watching my mother’s picture in bridal dress and found her reflection in my bridal photographs.My father, my sister my younger brother and my sweet home said me Good Bye with weeping eyes yet smiling faces. I left a phase of my life and entered a new one. Yet I stole thousands of recollections from childhood and a number of memories of my teenage .This stuff will surely accompany me in my new life and never make me feel lonely.

Just A Smile

You know what I just did? I sit with myself and give it a long broad smile. After having such a happy meeting with my own self; I am feeling really light.Good practice .doesn’t it?

I Need Some Time

Living among thousands of uncertainties, coping with fears, tackling with subtle challenges, and having a combat with untimely flow of tears; that is the cruel part of a practical life. I am grown up, mature and sensible yet I am not ready to admit that I am living in such a harsh situation. Arooj is still impractical. I guess she needs some time.