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I am Sorry!!!!!!

ooopppsss!!!! I am sorry

this is one of the most widely and frequently uttered sentence:''I am sorry''.one utters this sentence without having been really sorry and we receive this word without even getting conformed that the person just said this word is really feeling sorry or not.neither the person saying sorry really feel sorry nor the person listening this sorry take it with any deep concern.So the Sorry is the word taking for granted .then why we use this word at all..........
wait a not you feel that this small word carrying five alphabet:S.O.R.RY. shows our concern for each other.though we are not really feeling sorry,though we are not begging forgiveness,though we are not really excusing .Still we spend a fraction of second of our precious time to say this my dear fellows keep on saying SOrry and keep realizing the people around that u still consider their existence.

This is called self love

When narcissus died the pool of his pleasure changed from a cup of sweet waters into a cup of salt tears,and the Oreads came weeping through the woodland that they might sing to the pool ans give it comfort.
and when they saw the pool that had changed into cup oif tears,they loosened the green tresses of their hair and cried to the pool and sais,''we do not wonder that you should mourn in this manner for Narcissus ,so beautiful was he''
''but was Narcissus beautiful?''said the pool.''who should know better than you?''answered the Oreads.''he used look down at you and in the mirror of your waters he would mirror his own beauty''

and the pool answered,''But I loved Narcissus because,as he lay on my banks and looked down at me,in the mirror of his eyes I saw ever my own beauty mirrored''

(poems in prose)

where is my happily ever AFTER?/////

my sister is doctor .she meets different kind of people with different backhround and variety of problems as well.few days back ,a 28 years old girl came to consult my sister.she was suffering with tuberculosis .the girl was higly sophisticated,decent and charming.despite her disease,she was looking quite pretty.mty sister wrote a prescription and asked her not to take any stress as it is not good for her this advice,she started sister was already captured by her personality,so she dared to ask about the cause of her tears.the girl told taht she was a teacher in a school of special chioldern.she had been supporting her family from last 5 her younger brother was grown up guy and can take this responsibility.i asked her that then where lie the real problem.she told with much reluctance taht she liked a boy but her mother was not ready to get her married .though the girl belonged to quite poor family and the boy's family was finencialy strong,still her …


today in the sister came to mey room to wake me up.she pull the curtains back and allowed sunshine to illuminate my room.the naked window panes let the sun rays come and touch my face.A new day has arrived.While i was rubbing my face and trying to leave my warm cozy bed,i just remembered the heinous dream i had previous night.all of a sudeden i started feeling jittery.what horrible dream it was.the screams again accompanied me.while i was busy recalling the scary scenes ,i happened to look at my window again and a ray started dancing of my eye lids and said:
''now its morning dear,the night has gone with its darkx shadows''.
at that moment i couldnt help thinking that a glimpse of newly arrived day make us forgetfull about horrible dreams we keep on confronting in our sleep,then why we cannot get rid of bad memories in prospect of upcoming bright future.memories a like bad dreams.they exit in our thoughts but do not have any stamina to assult upon the happin…



the saddest word in the language any language....

Mark Slouka

what i meant for..???

During this journey of life,all the way long,i kept on asking myself;''what is the true purpose of my existnace .when i was given birth and was taken with affection ,love and care,i thought that i am here to absorb this love and this 's what i meant for...... then i leanred how to walk.i tried to take steps and i fell down .again and again,i had injuries and then a process gets started of having injury and feeling pain.then i thought that's what i meant for....
i was sent to school....i was asked to to learn and cram some heavy dry facts written on rough pages of bulky books,,,i was buried under fountain pens,copies,and school bags.then i thought that's what i meant for....
then a moment came,i fell in love with a girl....i started loving her eyes,her hands,her face,her smile...i tried to be around here and to shower love to its fullest extent..then..i thought that's what i meant for...
i got merried i had children...i kept on working for their needs....…

BUd still to be bloomed

.....Life always behaves like a Bud .....that holds countless delicate colorfull petals for certain period...and then cut them open when the right time comes....As bud introduces us with the concept of patience,idea of hidden beauty and nature's course of action ;similarly life has its different aspects that gets appeared as per the comaptibility of time and place.It never
reveals its secret at once,rather it causes them to appear gradually.This bud of life holds bitter facts,hard experiences,subtle feelings,inevitable emotions.What this bud demans for ?just a little wait.wait for the right that this et bolossomed and life could show its each and every diemension to its ihabitant in the most acceptable way.

Its EID day...

all day long i kept on observing people's behaviour ,their routine,their appearance on Eid keen observatin revealed that there is a kind of descrimination .Some were riding pathetic bycycles and were travelling towards the places of their loved ones.Some were travelling in lavish cars.their dresses were also showing the truth about their different economical back grounds.i kept on thinking that Eid is the day of happiness .Is it possible to celebrate this day for each and every soul with the same extent of enthusiasm.Among this aura of discrimination,what is the common factor among them despite this class the very next moment,i found that common factor
'' a broad smile at their faces,a smile that is free from class descrimination''

Mutual Misunderstanding

OOOooooPPPpppppsss!!!1u think i love you.......Who said so.....did i say this...

u must be having some hearing problem....
or may be your eyes sight is quite weak,,,
or may be ur brain is working anti-clockwise...
i can never be into such kind of emotion....
.no way......
Till last updates
there is not such possibility.....
now clear my way.....

Still I love You...:-)

....TODAY he admitted that he is a big jerk .He never speaks truth .He always made excuses in order to take leave while i was expecting him to be around.He told me that he used to forget my birthday because of cluster of other girls around him and made excuse that it was because of his work load.he revealed that the diamond ring ,he gifted me at my last brithday was just an artificial piece.He said taht his each and every promise reagding our marriage and future were based upon fraudulenty.His care and love,that he has shown towards me so far ;was just a proof of his accomplished flirt.......After listening all this i left the room in rage....smashed the door behind.....but in the very next moment i turned around opened the door ,ran towards him held his hand and said
'''still I love YOU''

I am Still Alive

Good evening
I am here with a day’s bulletin.

8 am .In the morning my ex-Wife called me and demanded her share in business we started together though she didn’t spend even a single penny while we were investing money now she is demanding fifty percent share.

9 am .My Boss called me and informed that I am not going to get increment this year.

10 am. My girl friend called me and said that she is going to wind up relationship with me. Reasons are still unknown.

11 am. My closest came to my place and that he cannot start joint business with me as his wife is not in the favor of this.

12 pm.My sisters called me that she needs 50 thousand dollar immediately otherwise she will never see my face.

1 pm.I fell from the stairs and got severe injury on my elbow. I had to postpone all, urgent important projects.

2 pm.My son returned from school with his shirt torn apart .He had a quarrel at school.

3pm.My neighbor rang the door bell and complainED that my younger son has destroyed his lawn while riding his…

A Subtle Rejection

She asked,''How much do you love me ?''

He replied ,''As much a normal human being does''.

She asked,''can u bring stars for me?''

He Replied.''NO! because i dont have any rocket facility''.

She asked,''can u bring pearls from the depth of sea?''

He Replied,''No!i do not know how to swim.

She asked,''will you marry me?''

He replied,''No dear!i am already married.

Wicked Love

He entered my life.....i don't know how.....he blockedy My veiw......he started devouring my feelings.....emotions.....,,he dictated my desires,my dreams,and hope......he discarded my orginal self ...and redesgined me according to his own planning........then a moment came ..whem my flesh lost its softness,my blood lost its flow,my breath got stilfled.............i become mechanical puppet who behaved on single notion of loVe.......and my beloved started controling me ..according to his solo willl.....and then....i forgot who i was...where i belonged to.....and where i m supposed to Beloved came and said........ .sorry... '''we cant get along are Hollow Inside....''

Unconditional Happiness

Why are you smiling??
Isn’t it weird that we have to provide a specific reason even for a mere smile on our face? But we usually bear with this illogical query like other bizarre still most likely asked question. Our friends, our loved ones, and our so called fellows remain concerned regarding the emergence of smile .They do not share this smile rather starts searching the cause of this harmless expression. I personally believe that it is the most stupid question to be asked that why one is smiling. In this age where a nation destroys the other one, where relations lose their strength without any reason, where tears surrounds one’s unlucky heart and none ask or search for a motive behind such activities. Then why a mere smile is supposed to have any specific reason behind. Do not u feel that if we have a smile based upon some temporary sources, this smile is always accompanied with a fear .the existence of such type of smile is under an inevitable threat of extinction. So let’s start s…

If I could Ever Rule..

Every Human being rules in his or her world of imagination. Even if a layman could be a king, or queen while roaming about in the valley of sublime dreams free from worldly sour facts. Let me introduce here the princess living somewhere in my imagination.

My name is Princes Roxanne. I belong to the kingdom of green land. When I opened my eyes, I found myself among love, affection and attention. The racial superiority of my family glorifies our status in tremendous way. Being the only daughter of the present King, I am supposed to rule over this very territory in near future. This insight of upcoming authority compels me to think a lot about my way, I will obtain during epoch of my own regime.

I personally love to see happy faces with contented hearts. I can not even bear a mere glimpse of sorrow .I wish there would be a boundary around my territory that would not allow any shadow of pain to snatch the charm of colorful life of my people. I want to build an invisible wall keep my subject…

Dubious Life

Life starts from naught and it ends at between this nothingness ,life seems like a chaos.But still we human being try to gain somthing from this abyss of nothingness.Life is an unknown process that lacks origin and has no destination either.We try to keeep ourself align with its pace while life itself going itself has no roots and keeps on dangling between unexpected happenings and unwanted incidents.This life has no identity and we human beings keep on maintaining an identity in order to spend this mechanical process that may be has a kind of animation lacking of any spirit.This DUBIOUS LIFE is deprived of definition but keeps confused its inhabitants ,none other than pathetic tired human race.its the hight of pessimism .Do you have any bit of optimisim to add over here?