BUd still to be bloomed

.....Life always behaves like a Bud .....that holds countless delicate colorfull petals for certain period...and then cut them open when the right time comes....As bud introduces us with the concept of patience,idea of hidden beauty and nature's course of action ;similarly life has its different aspects that gets appeared as per the comaptibility of time and place.It never

reveals its secret at once,rather it causes them to appear gradually.This bud of life holds bitter facts,hard experiences,subtle feelings,inevitable emotions.What this bud demans for ?just a little wait.wait for the right time.so that this et bolossomed and life could show its each and every diemension to its ihabitant in the most acceptable way.


sheeza said…
quite true fact of life .
life is really a ceaseless effort till it fully blossom.


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