where is my happily ever AFTER?/////

my sister is doctor .she meets different kind of people with different backhround and variety of problems as well.few days back ,a 28 years old girl came to consult my sister.she was suffering with tuberculosis .the girl was higly sophisticated,decent and charming.despite her disease,she was looking quite pretty.mty sister wrote a prescription and asked her not to take any stress as it is not good for her health.at this advice,she started weeping.my sister was already captured by her personality,so she dared to ask about the cause of her tears.the girl told taht she was a teacher in a school of special chioldern.she had been supporting her family from last 5 years.now her younger brother was grown up guy and can take this responsibility.i asked her that then where lie the real problem.she told with much reluctance taht she liked a boy but her mother was not ready to get her married .though the girl belonged to quite poor family and the boy's family was finencialy strong,still her mother was not ready.the girl further told me that boiy's cast is not to the mark according to her mother.her mother said that she can kill her daughter with her hands but would not ever allow to marry her that boy.the girl had enough respect for parents so was not intended to take any step on her own............................

hmmmm.,.......i know u people are not so moved...because a bulk of muvies have this old pathetic plot.......but this is reality....may be it is not as thrilling and interesting as a muvie's plot could have been,but it is still heart breaking beacuse it is reality and in reality there is no happily ever after always like muvies.....beyond the bouderies of muvies and love stories,still in our society,parents treat their children like their mere possessions and do not allow them to live their life freely.......somtimes their family honor becomes important for them and sometimes money matters arise......in either case the children have to suffer.


Jack said…
H M,

It is not uncommon to see parents refuse much suited match just because of caste factor. It is just absurd in today's time. If the boy is decent, well behaved and capable of looking after his wife, I see no reason for parents to be selfish. How I wish something could be done for this girl!

Take care

PS : Posted last part of the series today.

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