If I could Ever Rule..

Every Human being rules in his or her world of imagination. Even if a layman could be a king, or queen while roaming about in the valley of sublime dreams free from worldly sour facts. Let me introduce here the princess living somewhere in my imagination.

My name is Princes Roxanne. I belong to the kingdom of green land. When I opened my eyes, I found myself among love, affection and attention. The racial superiority of my family glorifies our status in tremendous way. Being the only daughter of the present King, I am supposed to rule over this very territory in near future. This insight of upcoming authority compels me to think a lot about my way, I will obtain during epoch of my own regime.

I personally love to see happy faces with contented hearts. I can not even bear a mere glimpse of sorrow .I wish there would be a boundary around my territory that would not allow any shadow of pain to snatch the charm of colorful life of my people. I want to build an invisible wall keep my subject safe from any tumult. Then I feel that I can not keep my people safe by adopting these ways only. The grief is not only supposed to come from somewhere outside, it can be emerged from my own land.
I want to change the minds of my people that they could evolve a trick how one can create happiness. I want to pull out the roots of negative feelings from the minds of my innocent people so that they could be able to live together in eternal peace. I admit my limitations, I can not change their luck, but I can make their life easy to spend rather live with its true essence. This is my ardent dream. I am looking forward for a happy future of my subject. I do hope that there will be prince with me who will make this task easy to be achieved. Would you like to be part of my subject?


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