Its EID day...

all day long i kept on observing people's behaviour ,their routine,their appearance on Eid keen observatin revealed that there is a kind of descrimination .Some were riding pathetic bycycles and were travelling towards the places of their loved ones.Some were travelling in lavish cars.their dresses were also showing the truth about their different economical back grounds.i kept on thinking that Eid is the day of happiness .Is it possible to celebrate this day for each and every soul with the same extent of enthusiasm.Among this aura of discrimination,what is the common factor among them despite this class the very next moment,i found that common factor

'' a broad smile at their faces,a smile that is free from class descrimination''


Jack said…
H M,

Here I am. Read all available posts. There need not be any apparent reason for one to smile as it could be due to a fleeting fond memory. Wicked Love and Subtle Rejection paints it right. I Am Still Alive is very motivational. I still love you, no if what he says is facts. Festivals are for each individual to enjoy as one feels happiness. However little compassion for those less fortunate should always be kept in mind.

Take care

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