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Just a tint of jealousy

A few days back i came to know that one my middle school class fellow just completed her MBBS.the girl who gave me this news was expecting a quite melancholic response from my side.The fact is that i myself felt a bit soreness in my throat after getting this apparently casual news.The girl who just passed her MBBS.(bachelor in medicine) used to be my best friend in 8th class.But this friendship lasted only for few months.i was outstanding in academic activities and co-curricular activities as day she came to me and said;''Arooj why don't you leave first position for me in coming exam''.I got shocked and ;''why?''She said;''you are already famous for debated and other co-curricular activities to just allow me to show myself in this single field of studies so don't make good diagrams in the paper of science so that you wont get highest marks''.Well this single event created a long distance between us and both opted differe…

Still We Believe

sometime in life we came across with dark night without even a single glimpse of moon and shimmering stars,still we believe that soon there will be a shiny day.

sometimes in life there comes such a wildest autumn that all trees get deprived of leaves and trunk looks lifeless,still we believe there will be spring with chirping birds and colorful flowers.

Sometimes we meet rude people uttering sour words with sarcastic tone ,still we believe there will be some sincere friendly will be waiting for us standing in the next stop.

Sometimes sheer pain surround all whole body and legs seizes to move,still we believe that soon there will be an active current that make us move again.

sometimes we lost all loved ones accidentally still we believe that there will be a miracle that brings some caring hands for us.

Look such type of sometimes surround our whole life but a mere Strong believe keep us alive.