Just a tint of jealousy

A few days back i came to know that one my middle school class fellow just completed her MBBS.the girl who gave me this news was expecting a quite melancholic response from my side.The fact is that i myself felt a bit soreness in my throat after getting this apparently casual news.The girl who just passed her MBBS.(bachelor in medicine) used to be my best friend in 8th class.But this friendship lasted only for few months.i was outstanding in academic activities and co-curricular activities as well.one day she came to me and said;''Arooj why don't you leave first position for me in coming exam''.I got shocked and ;''why?''She said;''you are already famous for debated and other co-curricular activities to just allow me to show myself in this single field of Justify Fullstudies so don't make good diagrams in the paper of science so that you wont get highest marks''.Well this single event created a long distance between us and both opted different ways.
My mother wanted to make a doctor.But i never felt any special interest in this field.When this very girl came to know about my tentative future plan,she said i also want to become a doctor.Time passed,she got admission in medical college and I opted English literature in my Honors.i am quite satisfied with life.But today when i came to know about her a negative though hit my mind''oh she won the race''.But which race i myself don't know.

sometimes in life we ourselves start considering other as our rivals and start judging our life with respect of their progress.By doing this we just forget that we all come certain guts and some specific domain of skills.And we are supposed to prove ourselves in these specific fields.

So congradulate my long forgotten friend wish you a bright future''


Tabitha Bird said…
That sounds a bit tough. Hearing about how once were friends are doing is always a bit hard. Especially if they are doing well. But the only race to win is the race you have with yourself to reach your own dreams :)
Shayon said…
Humm...this is seriously sad. Yes, I too know of people who would simply create a rivalry out of thin air. Well, the fact that you guys drifted apart so easily back in the 8th grade shows that you were never really best of friends? Why? Because whatever your friend said could have easily been taken in jest and moved on.

Anyway, that's life. Shit happens! Hope both of you manage a great future for yourselves.

Wish you all the best on that.
Heavenly Muse said…
@Tabitha Bird
yup ...you are right we should try to satisfy our own self at first place.
though it was long ago...but i cant forget it ..even at this age she had too much thirst of success via weird means..but it was long back....;-)
Thousif Raza said…
that is nice of you to wish her like thta.... but why the picture of the chicken? intriguing ;)

take care and keep writing......
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Tousif Raza
after seeing this picture i just felt that whenever we get jealous we look horrifying like it.;-)
Mind Writer! said…
He he... I can relate to this event with myself being in your position. I have a batchmate who creates challenges in her mind just by herself and runs for the race. Sometimes we don't even know what was the challenge, anyway! I guess such people have insecurities somewhere hidden inside them. And they try to win their own created battle to feel secure.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Mind Writer
you are right dear.each of us come across such people in one or another stage of our life.
Jack said…
H M,

She at least was honest to approach you to let her be first in academics field. I have lost out on top positions at least thrice in my life because of back stabbing. And why should you think she won the race? Which race? You chose to be what you are and did not enter field which she did. Had you gone for that, I am sure you would have come out with distinction. Nice of you to congratulate her, even in your mind.

Take care
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Solo life
rainboy said…
never go back in past.
you're where you want to be . Never compare youself to any one.Everyone is an end in themselves. Don't judge anyone and even if anyone judges you don't care about them.

Take care

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