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I am a Daughter of Eve and Adam is my Father

I am the daughter of Eve. True.But I also inherits some quality of my father Adam. If I have been created to amuse or to care just as goes with the idea of Eve's creation, I can also demand to be amused and to be cared, a justified behavior that definitely owes to my father Adam 's genes. Adam who ,once, was in the need of companionship, to be heard, to be cared and to be loved.All these traits of Adam runs in my blood too. I look more like my mother Eve, but my nature has got enough shades of my father's genes . Why does everyone ignore my pro-Adam half, and just concentrate on Pro-eve qualities. Do the sons of Adam find my pro-Adam traits intimidating.Do they find a rival in me .If it is so ,then let it be. I am a blend of both Adam and eve.Those who want me to kill my inner Adam , I advice them to find their inner Eve,only then they claim to be true humans.