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Watchful selection

right now i am reading a book about ''history of English Literature''
here i found a sentence by samuel johnson( the creator of English dictionary).

i rushed to my blog to share it with all those who loves words,specially in the form of carefully arranged sentences placed in a decorated order strongly prophesying a purpose.

''A book should help us either to enjoy life or to endure it''

Is the book ,you are reading now a days,playing its part??

A whole Year Passed by!!!!!!!!

Last month,24th of november,i completed a year of my matrimonial life.

the year was not as happy as i look in the photographs taken at the moment.;-)

yet it has its worth.i did nothing in the last year other than accepting the truth that married life is much changed version of life.

but in upcoming years this acceptance will help me Out.InshAllah.

Walls and Doors

I am an hater of my limitations.
what I can do and what I can't.
this process never let me alone.

During my school time ,i knew that money would never be given to me for eating those yummy things that were certainly bad for health.that was my limitation.

i always wanted a study room with a huge book shelf and cozy study table and the age of 5 a i had a separate room to study but it was not like what i wanted was a store room filled with some old forgotten stuff.that was a limitation.

I wanted to have friends those could be sympthise with me on the same grave topics of life.But i always was accused of being pretentious.Very difficult to create company of people just like your was my limitation

I wanted to have same level of respect and care that i usually give away.But it never is my limitation.

walls ......huge walls...everywhere...these walls surround me from each side....there must be a door.i can cheat these limits by sneaking out via this Door.

Let m…


The movie Amistad made me cry ....after a long time i am as moved by anything as i used to be in my childhood ,when i was innocent not have a corrupted soul. The idea of freedom ,sometimes travels from national collective thought to the individual level.Sometimes,it permeates from an individual brain to the surrounding Any case ''idea of freedom should prevail and hold sway''

Ssssshhh!!! silence

''ik chup tay so sukh''
A proverb of punjabi language,it means
''silence can save you from lot of troubles''
I never contemplated on this proverb as strongly as i ave been from last few years.This is month of october,my mother's death anniversary is mother was strong believer of this proverb.she was famous for her silent and calm personality.I know there was enough turbulence that kept  going on under the calm surface yet she managed to maintain a pretty peaceful environment.
I am 27
I spent first 5 years of my life in ''yelling''.As i believe that what i used to speak it was not comprehensible or worth listening.
the next 10 years were spent in speaking A solo speech delivered by a solo confident speaker that earn enough appreciation and awe yet don't bother to to receive any response.
And then came the period of ''talking''.i became chatter box.10 years of chit chat.I conversaed a lot i spoke and earned …

Magical Teddy

During recent visit to my father's home -infact my home in Lahore- we people again had fight for the custody for ''Macho Man''.Macho man is small teddy bear.this name has been given by my brother.

The history of Macho Man was as simpl as Macho Man himself.I and my sister bought it for my brother 4 years back only for rupees 150(1.2$).And then this teddy started winning every one's heart.My elder sister who never played with dolls and never bothered to watch Tom & jerry ,started placing this teddy beside him while preparing for her exams.My husband always put that teddy beside his laptop during his work.And then i myself fell in love with his cute innocent eyes.

this teddy brought smile to different sort of people with different bend of minds.I guess there is something magical in it.:-)

I missed my slot

Its always difficult to knot broken thread..
but i will try....
i learned a lot in the months of solitude

Good Bye

I developed a relation with my readers.I know them via theirs blogs.

I know about the creativity of Bikramjit Maan.
I know uncle Jack takes things critically and gives best advice.
I know Purvi always consider my nws post.
I know sakhshi gives her sincere opinion.
and many more
But now I am tired.
i was here to share things.but now there is something that cannot be shared and i cannot bear the pain of being pretentious. Probably the last post.

May Allah bless you all.

Protest medication

yes! the right of protest erases the pains of suffering to great extent. But what if we are not even given that right???????? I want to speak till my heart's content.
Well today I did test for M.phil Eng.only 2 percent chance of passing it. wish me a luck.

Demand for Justice

I believe that my this and a lot of upcoming posts will be a zigzag note of depression and suppression.
:-)...(wow what  a poetic expression)
i think a lot.that's my problem since childhood.the concept of tit for tat always overwhelmingly affect my behavior.
i never did bad to anymore and never kept unreturned anyone' goodness,
Do good Have Good.But it is not mentioned that after doing how much good you will be able to get some in return.; -)
next post will be about selfishness and self centeredness of human beings.(i wonder with these two traits one deserved to call human )

All about me

Life shows me new shades every day,some are good,some  are bad and some are really bad and some are really really bad.Now a days ,I am thinking that which kind of attitude I should opt towards such changing situations,accept them with a smile,or with frowning,or reject them with a big NO.

the question is this whether I am in a condition of saying No.Whether my goodness in  past is being remembered by the people I am dealing with.Or the all brains are blindfolded.

aaahhhhh....Tis post is about me and more less only for me yet i believe some hearts can understand it.
keep me remember in your prayers.

May Allah bless us all.

I love the way you love me

When narcissus died the pool of his pleasure changed from a cup of sweet waters into a cup of salt tears,and the Oreads came weeping through the woodland that they might sing to the pool and give it comfort.
and when they saw the pool that had changed into cup of tears,they loosened the green tresses of their hair and cried to the pool and says,''we do not wonder that you should mourn in this manner for Narcissus ,so beautiful was he''
''but was Narcissus beautiful?''said the pool.''who should know better than you?''answered the Oreads.''he used look down at you and in the mirror of your waters he would mirror his own beauty''

and the pool answered,''But I loved Narcissus because,as he lay on my banks and looked down at me,in the mirror of his eyes I saw ever my own beauty mirrored''

( quoted from ''poems in prose'')


ooopppsss!!!! I am sorry

This is one of the most widely and frequently uttered sentences:''I am sorry''.One utters this sentence without having been really sorry and we receive this word without even getting conformed that the person just said this word is really feeling sorry or not.
Neither the person saying sorry really feel sorry nor the person listening this sorry take it seriously.
So the Sorry is the word taking for granted .Then why we use this word at all?
Wait a minute!!!!!Do not you feel that this small word carrying five alphabet:S.O.R.RY. shows our concern for each other.though we are not really feeling sorry,though we are not begging forgiveness,though we are not really excusing .Still we spend a fraction of second of our precious time to say this my dear fellows keep on saying SOrry and keep realizing the people around that u still consider their existence.

Just three things

The house we live in now a days is a rented one.We have been living here from the last 6 months.
My husband arranged it right before our marriage.As he didn't know anyone in the city,it was easy for a innocent soul like him ;-) to be succumbed by prevailing cleverness.the land lord didn't tell him about the fault of the house at that time nor my Husband 's eyes could manage to see anything.Well in short the house was a totally ruin.I made it suitable for living.
When i was decorating the drawing room,there was a corner that was really problematic for me.wall was not in good condition so i could not leave it deserted.And then i filled it with
1>a lamp 2>floral arrangement 3>a painting
now its quite a nice slot.
after having decorated it ,a thought came across my mind,three things are essential for decorating a life.
1>an enlightened mind (A lamp) 2>a heart of a artist ;soft and sensitive ( paint your own masterpiece ) 3>freshness in conduct (like flowers)
believe me …

Pure Truth

I found this image on Facebook and it made me speechless.

If I could ever Rule!

Every Human being rules in his or her world of imagination. Even if a layman could be a king, or queen while roaming about in the valley of sublime dreams free from worldly sour facts. Let me introduce here the princess living somewhere in my imagination.
My name is Princes Roxanne. I belong to the kingdom of green land. When I opened my eyes, I found myself among love, affection and attention. The racial superiority of my family glorifies our status in tremendous way. Being the only daughter of the present King, I am supposed to rule over this very territory in near future. This insight of upcoming authority compels me to think a lot about my way, I will obtain during epoch of my own regime.
I personally love to see happy faces with contented hearts. I can not even bear a mere glimpse of sorrow .I wish there would be a boundary around my territory that would not allow any shadow of pain to snatch the charm of colorful life of my people. I want to build an invisible wall keep my subj…


I just come back from my father's home.Yes;my FATHER'S HOME. Sounds weird ,a home that has been mine from the last 26 years now it is related to me just because it is owned by my father. It happens all the time,with every girl /woman.(technically a married girl is a woman yet not ready to leave the title of girl) ).
But now it happened to me and I experienced how it felt.The place was like before,dressing table,book shelf, cupboard,kitchen,etc etc etc.but my things were not there.dressing table missing the shades of lipstick i usually put on as it is in the use of my sister.Besides this i have brought all the stuff with me at he time of wedding.the book shelf was getting deserted day by day as during every visit i bring one or two with me. kitchen is not ion way I used to keep it.salt,chili powder,garam masalah, turmeric powder,every thing has changed its place.may be this is the feeling known as displacement.
But  I do promise with my own self that this displacement will nev…

An Acknowledgement

To speak what you really want to speak is next to impossible. But when comes the matter of writing, we can perform this task. Words manipulate complains of heart and none can guess who is blaming whom and why.:-) Leave it. Let me share straight forwardly what is going on in my mind. I always think why some people are more amicable and why some people are bad tempered. Why do some faces pass smile with every breath. And why do few faces keep frowning all the time. I just got the answer rather excuse ;-). We have been told often to justify the existence of evil in the world that good and evil both are necessary to maintain the balance of world. So the same is the case with Smiling and frowning. We are all doing our job for maintaining the balance of the world; some by passing a smile and some by doing the opposite job. Our bad tempered fellows are not really bad.:-)

Kitchen combat

I couldn't write even single post coz my kitchen have been devouring the creative skills of newly wed bride-who is getting old day by day.
But today I felt that this venture of getting married and furnishing a new home has snatched a considerable time so arooj gets back to old writing business.
To create a piece of writing is much easier then pealing off garlic :)

My Dictatorial rule

I tried to change people’s behavior as per my choice. I tried to change intensity and frequency of life’s events with an accordance of my will. I tried to change the nature’s course of action in the direction chose by me. I tried to change everything that was not meant to be changed but one thing; my ownself.I forgot that my own self comes under my domain. Here I can practice my will with utmost severity and can get desired results.So be alert Arooj you will be dictated by Arooj from now on