An Acknowledgement

To speak what you really want to speak is next to impossible. But when comes the matter of writing, we can perform this task. Words manipulate complains of heart and none can guess who is blaming whom and why.:-)
Leave it. Let me share straight forwardly what is going on in my mind.
I always think why some people are more amicable and why some people are bad tempered. Why do some faces pass smile with every breath. And why do few faces keep frowning all the time. I just got the answer rather excuse ;-).
We have been told often to justify the existence of evil in the world that good and evil both are necessary to maintain the balance of world. So the same is the case with Smiling and frowning.
We are all doing our job for maintaining the balance of the world; some by passing a smile and some by doing the opposite job.
Our bad tempered fellows are not really bad.:-)


I beleive in SMILE and the world smiles with you ..

and good to see you back after ages

Smiling makes everyone's day including the person who smiles. Frowns ruin happiness.. so who cares about the balance? Some people smile even when they are unhappy -that is a rare trait. They truly know the value of that smile- Keep Smiling
Great post about the face we present to the world. I hope you find reasons for the smile.

Play off the Page
I know the one who is keeping the balance with frowning all the time, and she's one scary woman. Someone you definitely want to avoid.
Rachna said…
Yep, smiling is good and seeing a smiling face is also good. But, when we are down, we forget this.
Pat Hatt said…
Yeah smile away each and every day.
Donna K. Weaver said…
That goat picture is hilarious. And I'm all for a happy, positive attitde. I don't like being mad at people.

Wonderful thoughts. Both smiling people and those who don't smile make the world go around. All are not the same.Some are good,kind,understanding,appreciative,smiling,faithful and fear God.And there are others exactly opposite and some others have all qualities mixed up. But all are children of God and they are here to serve HIS purpose. After all no one is perfect including us.

Very interesting and thought provoking post.

Best wishes,
Jack said…

Very well reasoned out. LOL. Yes, on the face of it balance needs to be maintained. What would have happened if everyone was nice and smiling? Such a lovable picture. But does it mean that all who smile are donkeys? No, isn't it? LOL.

Take care
Sakshi said…
Absolutely correct :)
Escapist said…
Well i dnt blame people for such smile or frown,its always the situation which make u to do so..n yes,its your kind soul also which never lets the frown to come your way..

Good luck !

Lydia said…
This post is wise.....and also a lot of fun! I am going to copy the picture because it is close to my heart. I am a grown (aging) woman who decided to have orthodontia after needing it all my life. My orthodontist said I would wear braces for 22 months. Well, we just passed THREE YEARS and I am nearly done but not quite. I asked him to please please let me be free for summer! Anyway, I have learned so much about patience in the last three years. :-#

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