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Watchful selection

right now i am reading a book about ''history of English Literature''
here i found a sentence by samuel johnson( the creator of English dictionary).

i rushed to my blog to share it with all those who loves words,specially in the form of carefully arranged sentences placed in a decorated order strongly prophesying a purpose.

''A book should help us either to enjoy life or to endure it''

Is the book ,you are reading now a days,playing its part??

A whole Year Passed by!!!!!!!!

Last month,24th of november,i completed a year of my matrimonial life.

the year was not as happy as i look in the photographs taken at the moment.;-)

yet it has its worth.i did nothing in the last year other than accepting the truth that married life is much changed version of life.

but in upcoming years this acceptance will help me Out.InshAllah.