Watchful selection

right now i am reading a book about ''history of English Literature''
here i found a sentence by samuel johnson( the creator of English dictionary).

i rushed to my blog to share it with all those who loves words,specially in the form of carefully arranged sentences placed in a decorated order strongly prophesying a purpose.

''A book should help us either to enjoy life or to endure it''

Is the book ,you are reading now a days,playing its part??


Jack said…

Very true. If you take up a book it must hold your attention either by making you enjoy or be support to you in passing time.

Take care
First visit to you blog - I love the way it looks! So clean and lovely...

Yes, for me, a book should be enjoyed. Even if I'm reading it to learn something, I look for one that is written in a way that I can enjoy reading it.

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