I just come back from my father's home.Yes;my FATHER'S HOME. Sounds weird ,a home that has been mine from the last 26 years now it is related to me just because it is owned by my father.
It happens all the time,with every girl /woman.(technically a married girl is a woman yet not ready to leave the title of girl) ).

But now it happened to me and I experienced how it felt.The place was like before,dressing table,book shelf, cupboard,kitchen,etc etc etc.but my things were not there.dressing table missing the shades of lipstick i usually put on as it is in the use of my sister.Besides this i have brought all the stuff with me at he time of wedding.the book shelf was getting deserted day by day as during every visit i bring one or two with me.
kitchen is not ion way I used to keep it.salt,chili powder,garam masalah, turmeric powder,every thing has changed its place.may be this is the feeling known as displacement.

But  I do promise with my own self that this displacement will never make a distant entity neither my relations.


Jack said…

If a boy also after joining service has to stay away from parental home, he too would say the same that he has just returned from parents house, isn't it? Home is where your heart is. I am sure your heart is where your husband is. So this is your HOME and that is your MAIKA now. Also when boy who has to stay away due to his service gets married, that becomes HOME for his wife while on leave she visits in-laws house.

Take care
Displacement is a great way to describe that feeling. It looks familiar, and yet, different. You don't really belong there anymore. Now, you're a visitor.

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Rahul Bhatia said…
A feeling of displacement well articulated!
Purvi said…
you know what Arooz, after 5 years of being married, i still have this feeling of displacement and you know what??? I feel I am at HOME at both my parent's place and my place :) :) and i like it :)
goatman said…
You can never go back into time.
I like your blog.

A common saying here for country kids and future:
"How can you get them back on the farm once they have seen gay Paree"
Arooj said…
@ jack
Your approach is very realistic.my hudband is also leaving away from his native home.but he likes leaving in capital while I am very nostalgic.
Arooj said…
@ Mary algaard

Yes I am visitor.yet I want to comfort them more than a visitor.
Arooj said…
@ Rahul bhatia
Thanks sir

@ purvi
I will try to enjoy this change.

@ goatman
Your comment reminded me Blake' s poem in which old people watch children playing and recall their times..
Lynda R Young said…
Ten years after my parents sold the family home, I returned when it went up for sale again. Strangers had remodelled the place. That was the strangest feeling of displacement I'd I've felt even though I hadn't live there for about fifteen years.
Displacement is a strange feeling but you have expressed it well.

S P Mount said…
Hmmm, I don't pertain to be au fait with cultural perceptions, and don't know if that's what this piece alluded to here, but I wondered who classifies it simply as being your father's home now. You... or society?

I got more a sense of nostalgia than displacement, a reflection of how your life is changing. The home is where you grew, were nurtured, is a part of you, and will go with you wherever you are regardless of whether you ever go there again.

I, personally, take this kind of sentiment - happy, sad, and other important memories of a place, with me wherever I go, but I strive to recreate happiness for each stage of my life in a new place too, built from the blocks of life. It might just be your father living there now, but, I would think, that it will always be considered your family home; that which raised you.
Arooj said…
Thanks for such a considrstion.the phenomenon of change has always been fearfull to me.yet I am dealing it in a pretty good way.
Arooj said…
Thanks for encouraging me.
Arooj said…
You are right we all go thourgh same change in one or other phase of life.
A "maika" or the mother's ( father's) place is a very special one. When I go there I enjoy the freedom from responsibility as my mother does the meal planning. All I have to do is cut the vegetables for her and watch TV!! She is absolutely insistent that I don't do anything. So, yes, it does feel strange to be treated as a "guest"- as someone said , when we leave home we lave a life behind..! But it is nice to know that there is a home waiting for you should you need it anytime!
Haddock said…
After a long time I get to see a hand sketched "diagram" :-)
Haddock said…
After a long time I get to see a hand sketched "diagram" :-)

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