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Oh Dear! When will you have sense?


Where you feel homely

Where we love is home, Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
(Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Time has changed!

My often depressed looking cousin was looking more depressed last week. He was wondering around without any purpose. Then open his cupboard, and started searching for something. After a while he was sitting in front of me looking inside in his wallet and counting money inside. I asked why he is so depressed and looking at his wallet in this way.He said that few weeks back his girl friend’s friend got a latest mobile. I asked that what it has to do with him. He said that after having a look of that mobile, his girl friend is demanding for the same model as a gift on her upcoming birthday. The cell did cost pocket money of my cousin of five months (as he is a mere student so far).I just tapped on his shoulders (as a person with light pocket is not supposed to more than that) and came out of his room.So this is the mode of action of our relationships. There was a time when for a beloved a single rose presented with love and sincerity was more than everything. A lover spent couple of nigh…

Matrimonial Cell

An Englishman celebrating his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gave a big part for all his friends. But the host was nowhere to be seen. Finally a friend found him in the library, drinking a brandy and staring on the fire.‘’peter’’ the friend said, ‘you should be celebrating with your guests. Why are you so sad?’’‘’Charles’’, the husband explained, ‘when I had been married for five years I decided to kill my wife. I went to my lawyer and told him what I was going to do. He said that if I did it I would get twenty years to do in prison.‘’just think, Charles, tonight I would have been a free man.’’


Sorry I can’t carry on.
No! Don’t you listen what I just said: NOOoooo!
In daily life affairs, our dealings, meetings and conversation suddenly change their direction and adopt a new path just because of this ‘’No’’.Sometimes we don’t find any way to deal with certain matters and we have to say No. But, sometimes, our lazy nature compels us to escape out and we by the way say ‘’No’’. This single word not only shows simply denial but also shows that we are just refusing to help someone out; we are refusing to create some new relations; we are refusing to enter some new dynamic phase of life. This Single No keeps us away from starting a hell of new enterprises. We think that this No can save us from any sort of tough time. We don’t have to proof anything after saying No. We don’t have to opt any job .we feel that to say NO is very easy .we can use this ‘No ’as a token of excuse.
This is not the matter that yes can solve every kind of problem. But if we become accustomed of saying No; the …

Love needs Love

Love does not survive neglect. Once planted,it must be carefully tended if it is to grow.

Alice Rice

Lone Outsider

We all live in a form of groups. We know each other’s names. We keep on serving others and expect the same in return. Sometimes we ask for help and sometime we are asked for help. The extent of affection, kindness and consideration depends upon the type of relationship we mutually have. We are all related to each other. We are attached to each other. But still every soul is alone standing in the crowd of people apparently involved in each other’s affairs. Every human being is living his/her life at two levels: one for him/her self and other for the world around. In order to satisfy the world around we keep on suppressing the demands of our own self. Rather we keep on drawing us away from our real self. Then the moment comes that discrepancy increased between the face we show towards world and the face we are born with. And we feel stuck between two entirely unlike behaviors. The world keep on demanding new and new faces with diverse attitudes regardless what’s going on in the heart be…

Once upon a time!

Once upon a time, there was a king or may be two or three. Does it really matter how many kings there were. Not really...You know why? It’s not the king or prince or may be a fairy that attracts our attention; it is this phrase that leads us towards bygone ages and we feel ourselves in a kind of trance. That is why almost every fairy tale starts with this phrase. This simple phrase has a kind of magic that capture the attention of reader or listener. When I pondered upon the reason behind this magic I came to a certain conclusion. May I share with u? Oh thanks...
You know what...we people are really afraid of time. Time keeps on moving. it never consider any plead ,any reasoning any request and moves ahead regardless of weeping eyes and broken hearts that it leaves behind. This continuous threatening phenomenon keeps a man concerned about his present and scared regarding its future. the confronting tired human beings feel themselves safe when they think about an event or incident that …

Ultimate suffering

"Nothing begins, and nothing ends, That is not paid with moan; For we are born in others pain And perish in our own."

Let them play!


A Perfect Contrast

How hard good women are!
how weak bad men are!

(Oscar Wilde)

Soul of Humanity

My face is lungs are getting exhausted of bones are eyes do not have the strength to face the lights of the world.the whispering of my folk sound like screams.I am getting hyper sensitive and mere act of insensitivity is cause of killing me day by day.i am standing among the race of never ending progress ,but this sheer struggle of my lot is making me heart is running out of even a little desire yet i can smell greed every where.i am trying to find a support to hold and to keep myself standing and there are nations,countries,groups,associations,and institutions around me busy in mutual confrontation .but still i am waiting .i am searching.i am looking around without any hue and cry.i am an abstract entity ,and i need a concrete personification to claim my existence in this know who i m??.

I am a soul of humanity in search of real human beings

this is called ''Indifferentness''