Soul of Humanity

My face is lungs are getting exhausted of bones are eyes do not have the strength to face the lights of the world.the whispering of my folk sound like screams.I am getting hyper sensitive and mere act of insensitivity is cause of killing me day by day.i am standing among the race of never ending progress ,but this sheer struggle of my lot is making me heart is running out of even a little desire yet i can smell greed every where.i am trying to find a support to hold and to keep myself standing and there are nations,countries,groups,associations,and institutions around me busy in mutual confrontation .but still i am waiting .i am searching.i am looking around without any hue and cry.i am an abstract entity ,and i need a concrete personification to claim my existence in this know who i m??.

I am a soul of humanity in search of real human beings


Jack said…
H M ,

I think it is a lost cause. Who has time to be humane? We all are only busy with our greed or are indifferent if our needs are not blocked.

Take care
Heavenly Muse said…
@ jack
i m agreed sir..we are so called human beings
SandyCarlson said…
As heart rending as it is clearly heartfelt.
Kay said…
There is so much sadness in this world.

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