Matrimonial Cell

An Englishman celebrating his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gave a big part for all his friends. But the host was nowhere to be seen. Finally a friend found him in the library, drinking a brandy and staring on the fire.

‘’peter’’ the friend said, ‘you should be celebrating with your guests. Why are you so sad?’’

‘’Charles’’, the husband explained, ‘when I had been married for five years I decided to kill my wife. I went to my lawyer and told him what I was going to do. He said that if I did it I would get twenty years to do in prison.

‘’just think, Charles, tonight I would have been a free man.’’


Anonymous said…
Very appropriate image!
oh dear god!

somehow I dont find these jokes to be funny anymore. I just sympathize with both parties.
Jack said…
H M,

Are you married? There are three rings involved in matrimony - Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring and SufferRing.

Take care
Heavenly Muse said…
@ b.held
yup it seems a personification of this joke
@ raaji
the sense of loss is somehow sad
@ jack
plan to get merried soon..:-)
well i m speechless but agreed
I've been married almost 21 years. I guess if you marry the wrong person it can be like this story. But both my husband and I agree that we are best friends, I know it sounds so sappy. But we really do it for each other. I hope your up coming marriage is just as happy.
SandyCarlson said…
I find that hysterical. I have escaped the pain, though.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ the R's N
wish you good of luck
@ SAndy carlson
almost every joke has a bitter aspect that we generally hide behind the color of wit...
Lichi said…
remembering the famous hindi cliche,

"shaadi woh ladu hai, jo khaaye woh pachtaaye... jo na khaaye woh bhi pachtaaye"
Shafi said…
Very ambitious. Its better not to have such girl friends. Some time i feel glad for myself When see such kind of issues ;), and hey thanks for visiting and commenting ....
Heavenly Muse said…
@ shafi
its good to know that u feel glad for urself..:-)
Miss Komal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Komal said…
I wonder if that truly is the case , because people who love each other never would rob off their spouse's 5 months pocket money ;)

Though temporary go-around relations have been materialised these days !

A price to pay ;)

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