Let them play!

Our car was parked under a shady tree in front of a famous burger Point. It was a rather warm afternoon of September.we three :my sister, I , and my brother; were not in good mood .because of severe weather and for not having good EXCITING HOLIDAY , we were not even talking to each other. It seemed that we had just come back after having a long dry lecture from our respective educational institutes other than spending two hours with zoo animals(may be we were mature enough to get attracted by mere wild animals).

There was street just beside the burger point. Almost four to five boys of about twelve or fourteen years of age were playing cricket despite of hot afternoon. Their group were producing laughter at almost every ball and following stork. We were observing their enthusiasm while a hard thing stroke back side of the car.
oopppss! there ball had done its job .I knew very well that how much father is conscious about his second hand lovely automobile that still has the capacity to be known as CAR. I came out of the car ,picked up the ball and started scolding the group of boys. They were really scared but not in position to say in thing in the justification of their act.i was in a mood to say something more as I had found a victim to break my boredom .

Meanwhile a hand gently took ball from my hand and gave to the leader of the group and said, ‘’Go my child and keep it up I saw your style, the way you tackled that fast delivery .it was really awesome’’.i turned around. It was my father. Before that I could ask the reason of this display of unconditional sympathy, he asked to me to sit inside .I was feeling a kind of insult as if my father put me down in front those boys.

Then my father’s gentle voice broke my melancholic thought process.
He said, ‘Dear you know why I did not say anything harsh to them’’.
I kept quiet but my eyes was inquiring the reason.
My father said, ‘you know I saw my own childhood in the eyes of those boys. It was not their bad will behind the act that caused minute damage but rather it was their innocence that needed some place to show itself off in appropriate manner. Their limitation does allow them to afford or arrange lavish playground. But their genius innocence has the stamina to transform dirty streets into a big stadium. This is the start of bright future. How can I check them?. Let the innocence play just let them play.


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