A Hug

Today my father gave me a Hug.


It felt me so special.

Very reassuring as it assured me my father’s love for me.

Very protective as it gave me a feeling of being inside an aura of affection.

Very calm as it soothed me while I was out-raged by a hell of reasons.

I and my father, were having a kind of continues arguments since last many days. But today I had a quarrel with my younger brother as he did something wrong .I wept a lot. I was so disturbed .But then among such a teasing moments I got something.

A hug –From a father to his daughter-

I know everything will be fine. Soon the differences of my younger brother with rest of the family will boil down. Yet the affectionate gesture of my father will always be with me.


You are lucky - very lucky.

Some of us dont have fathers.
Jack said…
H M,

A hug by someone says so much without using any words. Hope all is well now.

Take care
Sakshi said…
I know how it is being a daddy's lil girl!
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Jack
Yes uncle thsi little gesture is very precious.
@ Sakshi
:-)....yes...this feelings can only be felt not told.
I love hugs from my dad, too.
I don't get them very often.
But when I do, it makes me so very happy.
You are so blessed!
Hug from me, too, across the miles :)
Tangerine said…
Nothing so special as being your father's princess.. :)
Himanshu said…
very nice i love my father heat when he touches my forehead. The heat actually does wonders. I read somewhere the people or friends very close to you become your family members in next life.
He must be your best friend in last life. Enjoy & God Bless.
Heavenly Muse said…
thanks for sharing good words

it feels so special specially after having cold war..:-)

your approach is very spiritual..well i believe it to be true as there is strong relation between this living world and hereafter.
Anonymous said…
Wow ...a hug is always special , especially getting from closed ones , and it becomes all the more memorable when it comes from our parents , their warm touch assuring us that everything will be alright soon ! :)
Robyn said…
Lovely! Such a small but intimate gesture can change our whole outlook.
I look forward to reading more.
Thanks for stopping by.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Aarti
very true

@ Robyn
welcome to my blog.
Solo Life said…
Nice post,I want to one thing
Hugs are the universal medicine.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ solo life
I do hope you must be using these medicine very often in your relationships.
kathew said…
Hugs are great! Nice post
pRasad said…
Such a cute post :)) ...

Loved to see how much your daddy's hug matters to you..

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