Colors Reflect

We have had our house painted this week. Such hectic time it was. It seems colors are getting on our nerves. But it was necessary from the point of view of cleanliness and to somehow for aesthetic sense (if we had any).The choice of color for their respective rooms expressed personality of each of my family member .The color they chose for their rooms showed their inner intensities. For example, my father is a person who still likes the home decor of 70s and 80s.He never came out from the charisma of off white paint. Besides this, he wants everything in order in really smooth and straight manner so he has had all the walls of his room painted with a same color. After a great endeavor I forced him to give a little bit different shade to one corner so that it could break the monotony of the room

My little brother is a great admirer of wrestling and Randy Orton. He like aggression in everything. His pompous personality can be read through the dark maroon painted walls of his room. A perfect slot for bewildered creature like him.

And comes the matter of my own room which I shared with my elder sister (it would be better to say that she shares it with me).We are the girls not very sure about our choice and plans. And most of the time being sensitive concerned daughters, we have to consider whether out budget allows it or not. So in this confusion, we made a lot of decision with a hope that our room would be looking like fairy land. But in the end, we made a blunder like ever. Our habit of making decision at the last moment (as we usually do in case of our Eid dress) made our room a display of a pervasive confusion. Its neither pink nor tea pink. Something near to red but not red infect. We well we are trying to hang good sceneries on walls so that it could get some artistic aroma to our room .

So do you really believe that the choice of color we made reflect our personality?


Mind Writer! said…

Whose room is this in the pictures? It looks great! I guess colors do reflect our personality, only when you're given a chance to choose your color. At our home, no liberty to choose the color of my room. :(
Heavenly Muse said…
@Mind Writer
photo gallery designed by no one's room it is.By the way it was first time that we managed to get this liberty.:-).
Shafi said…
Where the picture of ur room? By the way i like that gallery.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Sahafi
i didnt post my rooms' pic as i know that paint is horrible....:-)
Mariam said…
This picture looks good, you made a wise choice. And the way you put those photographs and racks on the wall looks cool as well. Overall it is a peaceful atmosphere of your room that makes it look beautiful.

Nice work girls.
Heavenly Muse said…
thanks for lending such nice words.

well its not anyone's room.its a photo gallery (a sort of).
Hey Heavenly muse,
Thanks for stopping by at my blog.
You have got a great blog to you.
I'd like to get to know more about you.

Keep stopping by at my blog.
La Dolce Vita said…
thanks for your sweet comment on my mini concertina book! your blog is very thoughtful and journalistic. I shall have to come back and visit often. I love the room colors, very bright and cheerful! ciao bella!
Heavenly Muse said…
@ La Dola Vita
thanks for such kind words..

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