Resonate your Life

I often feel weary, at different times of day: sometime in the morning while leaving for work, during nights sleeping late night with worried concern of getting up early in the morning, sometimes during lunch having the same conventional ordinary stuff .Doing same things with a same pace at the time at the same place makes me more like old moldy machine .whenever this boredom starts getting on my nerves, someone whispered; wake up girl, break the ice, give a jerk to your routine by Resonating your forgotten relationship. Relationship???

Yes relations; Father, mother sister, Brother, wife, husband etc .Keep them alive by pushing a ‘’refresh’’ button once a week .share a cup of tea with your sister a telling her about an incident at office. Offer your helping hand to your mother in making dinner and while working at cutborad, tell her about your upcoming plans and add her goodwill to your enterprises. Give a tight hug to you younger brother for a mere reason that he is looking dashing in grey tea shirt and blue jeans. Enter your father’s room, sit at his bed, and put down your head on his shoulder, and start telling about all those things which are teasing you for no specific reason.

Life is tough, life is strict, life is monotones, life is dull yet it offers us such sweet relations those never get old or dull nor let our life to act sluggishly. We always can add some vibrating force to the inertia of life by resonating our relation with our loved ones.


Such thoughtful words.
you should have been a philosopher Ms. Muse ;)
Nice wordings.
Your profile says you are a student.
What course are you pursuing?
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Md. Muddassir Shah

THANKS for your kind consideration.
I am a part time pretentious philosopher :-)
well I have done honors with English literature and now doing a one year diploma and soon will be a house wife.:-)
A house wife English honors grad who is a pretentious philospher with a one year diploma?
That is too much qualification for one person :p
What is this Diploma about?
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Himanshu said…
nice well i think i too follow the same sometimes very early or sometimes late but it works.
whenever i have frustration with my work i do make a step upwards & stand at the top and to take a look at near by things & that distraction creates the magic.
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Himanshu
yup by giving a look at our surroundings,we are more likely to be come across by many of those solutions we have been looking for since very long.
Patti said…
Oh my gosh, you are so right. I read not long ago that if you even take a different route to work/store/wherever, alter your morning routine that it will give your brain a charge. I have chronic fatigue, which you know because you were kind enough to comment on my post, but the energy is definitely connected to resounding life!
Heavenly Muse said…
@ Patti
a little change in tough routine makes heavy routine a bit lighter ...and specially if add some bits of love and care in it.
Pratik Gupta said…
beautifully and rightly said. Awesome post!! :P

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