Demand for Justice

I believe that my this and a lot of upcoming posts will be a zigzag note of depression and suppression.
:-)...(wow what  a poetic expression)
i think a lot.that's my problem since childhood.the concept of tit for tat always overwhelmingly affect my behavior.
i never did bad to anymore and never kept unreturned anyone' goodness,
Do good Have Good.But it is not mentioned that after doing how much good you will be able to get some in return.; -)
next post will be about selfishness and self centeredness of human beings.(i wonder with these two traits one deserved to call human )


Shilpa Garg said…
Valid question. "after doing how much good you will be able to get some in return?"... guess, you get it all in this lifetime, sooner or later!! :))
Take care and stay blessed! :)
Raajii said…
We all go through that dilemma: whether good will happen to us if we are good... but sometimes you just have to choose. You are either a good person or you are not regardless of what happens to you.
deeps said…
i thought thinking a lot was not a problem and if there are many questions to ask too :)
Punam said…
I think doing good should never be with any kind of expectations.. as it always leads to disappointment.
Jack said…

I can well understand what you are going through. May God be kind and everything should turn out fine.

Take care
Rahul Bhatia said…
Goodness will come back in equal measure or more:)
Sakshi said…
Very valid.. somehow, the whole concept of "neki kar dariya mein daal", doesn't work any more? Because, even though we may not want a huge huge favour in return, we may want- just that little appreciation!
But karma is a bitch *pardon the expression* and trust me, it comes back. The good, the bad and the ugly! All of it!
Jack said…

Be good to others but never at the cost of your self respect. Never allow any one to trample upon you or use you as a doormat. Be polite but firm to tell such people where the limit is. Both these traits are seen in many persons but are NOT GOOD at all and these make a person inhuman.

Take care
anonymous007 said…
blog is nice

some kind words, thank you

some words arising from a dark place, i understand

i have been alone though you seem to know everything

i am sorry about the past, but i want to know, did you know about the slide tackle or was that kept from you?

listening to Thomas Jack feat Adrian Symes - The Final Speech (sound has a good message, may the universal energy shine up all of us, so that we may be alive, to live well, and to take care of one another).

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