Just three things

The house we live in now a days is a rented one.We have been living here from the last 6 months.

My husband arranged it right before our marriage.As he didn't know anyone in the city,it was easy for a innocent soul like him ;-) to be succumbed by prevailing cleverness.the land lord didn't tell him about the fault of the house at that time nor my Husband 's eyes could manage to see anything.Well in short the house was a totally ruin.I made it suitable for living.

When i was decorating the drawing room,there was a corner that was really problematic for me.wall was not in good condition so i could not leave it deserted.And then i filled it with

1>a lamp
2>floral arrangement
3>a painting

now its quite a nice slot.

after having decorated it ,a thought came across my mind,three things are essential for decorating a life.

1>an enlightened mind (A lamp)
2>a heart of a artist ;soft and sensitive ( paint your own masterpiece )
3>freshness in conduct (like flowers)

believe me your life will be all set like my corner.:-)


Sakshi said…
Such a nice observation :)
Bilal Ahmad said…
join my Blog :-p
Arooj said…
@ bilal
Main tay join ker hi laina si.:-)
Shomoita said…
Your home is beautiful. Me too looking forward to decorate my home. It gives a different kind of feeling, doesn't it? A sense of belonging. :)
Bikramjit said…
the room looks lovely ..
and a good observation tooo .. a enlightened mind, a heart and freshness .. can work beautiful

Ah Arooj you are obviously as philosophical as you are artistic. you have made a beauty out of a "ruin"!
Arooj said…

thanks dear


your comment is overwhelmingly encouraging for me.
Excellent thoughts. Very unique and wonderful ideas. Fantastic.

Best wishes,
Rahul Bhatia said…
Very true, Arooj! Agree with your observation!
Jack said…

HOME is what lady of the house makes. It is her involvement and thinking which makes all the difference. Good show.

Take care
Ruchi Jain said…
so beautiful room,, silent,,where one can sit and rest peacefully..
goatman said…
I would also add respectfully: ease of spirit and soul, the comfort chair.

Looks very cozy; hand me a book to read there. What would it be?
icyHighs said…
I like your take on things. Funny how sometimes we do things that mean so much more than the immediate ramifications.
Haddock said…
The perfect corner to relax.
That flooring.... is it a carpet?
Looks great.
Shilpa Garg said…
This looks like a very comfortable and beautiful corner. A perfect place to unwind! And the co-relation to the life is so very apt and true!!
anonymous007 said…
i saw a poem online and thought i'd post here:

"Hydrabad's been living in fear
decided to take back life
reveal the true me/need
to give myself to the gods for blessing
have been a very bad boy
too many feelings/cannot be real/when it has too much pain/
only the unloved hate
i want to fight for liberty, life, love
i want to create a child, an offspring, to live on
pass on my genes"

then the poem book analysis
but the books have been so unkind
to my family, whom i left out of this *the single greatest pain of my life to cut myself from my family
i have tortured myself for many a years and i hate myself and working towards finding a new way to find love in life, and i want to contribute again
maybe 10 years? is the time it will take to regain some of what has been lost
but i want to become part of the whole again, to give life and be life giving and real and to accept the past, the pain and trauma of the past, what i have bottled up for so long that i cannot possibly imagine addressing everything but it is true, the past is real and it has been very real for me and now i am just trying to move on with my life"

(some quotes taken out of the book and others from the transcript
anonymous007 said…
when i saw these blogs and saw that you wrote my heart felt weak. i never thought you cared. i never thought anyone cared and i felt no love. i see the love in the posts. i appreciate it.

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