I love the way you love me

When narcissus died the pool of his pleasure changed from a cup of sweet waters into a cup of salt tears,and the Oreads came weeping through the woodland that they might sing to the pool and give it comfort.

and when they saw the pool that had changed into cup of tears,they loosened the green tresses of their hair and cried to the pool and says,''we do not wonder that you should mourn in this manner for Narcissus ,so beautiful was he''

''but was Narcissus beautiful?''said the pool.''who should know better than you?''answered the Oreads.''he used look down at you and in the mirror of your waters he would mirror his own beauty''

and the pool answered,''But I loved Narcissus because,as he lay on my banks and looked down at me,in the mirror of his eyes I saw ever my own beauty mirrored''

( quoted from ''poems in prose'')


Rahul Bhatia said…
Good one, Arooj:)
Jack said…

A thought provoking post. There is more than what meets the eye, isn't it?

Take care
Lynda R Young said…
I do enjoy a bit of mythology.
Megha Sarin said…
WOW! Lovely <3 Great posts!

Aishwarya said…
This post reminds of those good old days, i spent in my English class. Lovely.
Haddock said…
what a lovely painting.
mishkash said…
It’s the Energy of Love that binds The Uni-verse together. Love is what breathes life into us and gives all living things this chance to be alive.
One of the most Loving things that we’ve been given from our Creator Allah SWT is the gift of choice.
Choice is a fundamental part of life. Free will is one of our Creator’s greatest gifts to us.
Free will boils down to this: you can choose to connect to Love, or not.He!He!He!
Bikramjit said…
hmmmm jsut proves beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and eyes can be the mirror to see our beauty tooo ..

sorry i have missed a couple of ur article :)

goatman said…
Sometimes the big "NO" is certainly required. It may bring some back to reality.
Hope you are well.

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