My Dictatorial rule

I tried to change people’s behavior as per my choice. I tried to change intensity and frequency of life’s events with an accordance of my will. I tried to change the nature’s course of action in the direction chose by me. I tried to change everything that was not meant to be changed but one thing; my ownself.I forgot that my own self comes under my domain. Here I can practice my will with utmost severity and can get desired results.

So be alert Arooj you will be dictated by Arooj from now on


Raajii said…
Most of us forget that. I am glad you are realizing that :-)

Good luck :-)
Amen to that All the best with that

is everything ok ? srry if i getting personal.
Arooj said…

yup everything is ok.
such kind of outbrusts are because of my melodramatic sentimental nature:-)
and they are also a way of self catharsis.
by the way i tried to keep my husband under my dictatorial rule via this emotional black mailing and i am successful so far.:-).
@arooj well wht can i say? I just want to show my concern. May be time difference b/w my two comments create that impression. I am happy that you me.
Arooj said…
@ Himanshu
yup ....that's a good point may be the time had changed b/w the two comments....this is the subtle play of game that we hardly understand...well....soon there will be another outbursts followed by a relatively calm move.:-)
Jack said…

There is a saying God please give me strength to change things, patience to live with what I can not change and wisdom to know the difference.

Take care
Punam said…
I like the last line.. :) Very interesting few words.. but capturing the basic fact of life.

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