Walls and Doors

I am an hater of my limitations.
what I can do and what I can't.
this process never let me alone.

During my school time ,i knew that money would never be given to me for eating those yummy things that were certainly bad for health.that was my limitation.

i always wanted a study room with a huge book shelf and cozy study table and chair.at the age of 5 a i had a separate room to study but it was not like what i wanted for.it was a store room filled with some old forgotten stuff.that was a limitation.

I wanted to have friends those could be sympthise with me on the same grave topics of life.But i always was accused of being pretentious.Very difficult to create company of people just like your own.it was my limitation

I wanted to have same level of respect and care that i usually give away.But it never happened.it is my limitation.

walls ......huge walls...everywhere...these walls surround me from each side....there must be a door.i can cheat these limits by sneaking out via this Door.

Let me find it out.


Jack said…

The door is always there but we in our short sightedness never realize it. One should have all the tall aspirations but should always be content with what one has. Strive hard to achieve what one wants but be happy with whatever the results be, keeping faith that next time it would be better.

Take care
Raajii said…
You'll find a door - just give it some time :-)
Tauqeer said…
Perfect comment by Jack.

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