Protest medication

yes! the right of protest erases the pains of suffering to great extent.
But what if we are not even given that right????????

I want to speak till my heart's content.

Well today I did test for M.phil Eng.only 2 percent chance of passing it.
wish me a luck.


deeps said…
i guess the right is there, but how far that has effect on the debate... oops.. debatable...

niways... all the best with your test
Raajii said…
Rights are never really 'given.' They have to be fought for and eventually demanded!

Good luck!
Bikramjit said…
All the very very best :)

hmmm protest well I dont beleive in them :) but speaking to ones hearts content I beleive in :)

mishkash said…
Wishing you all the best.
P.S. missing you

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