I missed my slot

Its always difficult to knot broken thread..
but i will try....
i learned a lot in the months of solitude


Christine said…
Please share with us what you learned.
Jack said…

Welcome back. Please do not think of going away again. This is your space and you write what you wish plus how you wish to.

Take care
Arooj said…
@ christine
i learned that momentary severe shockes dont let prevail a longer spam in your life.what happened cannot be undone but the continuous pondering makes life worse.i keep busy myself for erasing bad memories.
deeps said…
such knots make a knot in the thread, nevertheless it wont be a broken one anymore... but you have got the way out of it :)
Sakshi said…
Bad memories are a part of life. But the more we think about it, the worse they can become.
One day at a time Arooj.
Bikramjit said…
Well now that you have learnt a lot of things , its time to put that knowledge to practise

All the best and good to see you write something


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