Unconditional Happiness

Why are you smiling??
Isn’t it weird that we have to provide a specific reason even for a mere smile on our face? But we usually bear with this illogical query like other bizarre still most likely asked question. Our friends, our loved ones, and our so called fellows remain concerned regarding the emergence of smile .They do not share this smile rather starts searching the cause of this harmless expression. I personally believe that it is the most stupid question to be asked that why one is smiling. In this age where a nation destroys the other one, where relations lose their strength without any reason, where tears surrounds one’s unlucky heart and none ask or search for a motive behind such activities. Then why a mere smile is supposed to have any specific reason behind. Do not u feel that if we have a smile based upon some temporary sources, this smile is always accompanied with a fear .the existence of such type of smile is under an inevitable threat of extinction. So let’s start smiling without any reason, without any cause; so that we do not have to go behind any temporary sources for the gain of smile.Lets remove the concept that happiness is dependant upon mundane sourses.it takes a birth from the womb of hope,norishes itself from the blood of courage ,brings itself up in bossom of everlasting wish.


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