today in the morning...my sister came to mey room to wake me up.she pull the curtains back and allowed sunshine to illuminate my room.the naked window panes let the sun rays come and touch my face.A new day has arrived.While i was rubbing my face and trying to leave my warm cozy bed,i just remembered the heinous dream i had previous night.all of a sudeden i started feeling jittery.what horrible dream it was.the screams again accompanied me.while i was busy recalling the scary scenes ,i happened to look at my window again and a ray started dancing of my eye lids and said:

''now its morning dear,the night has gone with its darkx shadows''.

at that moment i couldnt help thinking that a glimpse of newly arrived day make us forgetfull about horrible dreams we keep on confronting in our sleep,then why we cannot get rid of bad memories in prospect of upcoming bright future.memories a like bad dreams.they exit in our thoughts but do not have any stamina to assult upon the happiness of our life.so just forget your bad menories like bad dreams and a let a new day rise.


Jack said…
H M,

Cherrish fond memories and learn from bad memories. Never dwell on bad ones, the moment they invade your mind start thinking of what you learnt from that.

Take care

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