I Need Some Time

Living among thousands of uncertainties, coping with fears, tackling with subtle challenges, and having a combat with untimely flow of tears; that is the cruel part of a practical life. I am grown up, mature and sensible yet I am not ready to admit that I am living in such a harsh situation. Arooj is still impractical. I guess she needs some time.


Bikramjit said…
patience ...

you take care and all will fall in place when the time comes .. :)
All the best and god bless

Arooj said…
hmmm..... patience is the only thing that i could practice.
Sruthi said…
This is the situation in which you learn what life is... life is not a bed of roses.. the circumstances that are provided to you will make you a 'grown up' person. when you are in pain you are the best school in the world. enjoy the confusions. live your life and let go everything. take your time. make yourself calm and beleive in yourself.. All the best Arooj... become a woman... take care

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