Few interesting words

"Your teacher did not want to be a teacher. He wanted to be a meter reader at the electric utility. Meter readers do not have to put up with children, work comparatively little, and what is more important, have greater opportunity for corruption and are hence both better off and held in higher regard by society. Nor was becoming a meter reader out of your teacher’s reach. His uncle worked for the electric utility. But the one position as meter reader this uncle was able to facilitate went, as all things most desirable in life invariably went, to your teacher’s elder brother"

An interesting excerpt i read in a novel .just wanted to share here.


I Romanticize said…
That is quite an interesting perspective. What book is it from?
Arooj said…
mohsin hamid's novel
anonymous007 said…
i read that book too and quote was
"love and health to all in 2015 and beyond, every year let this kingdom be a kingdom of peace and prosperity for all people, and all parties, and across and beyond and above the world." Peace and Love and Happiness are exquisite to experience after never having this for so long. now we are free and all is calm in the lake and not a ripple ever again so that the mighty illustrious mountains of repressed giants may grow like drying molten lava that is still hot to touch, but very soon, so solid that one is assured this will always remain in such a decorate clean and functional, productive, prestigious, discreet, accommodating, and well established form. let's grow together, said the mountains, safe in the security of one another, knowledgeable in their mutual agreement to let the world go, the natural world to be, and let things to be, and not waste trees by digging up the past. this is a true urban forest to live in, the tall mighty trees are a bundle strong and may go their own way in the wind but always with great regard to the branches and sunshine needs of the other, divided but strong, never to bother one another and always to be free and relaxed, calm to explore new ideas, move on to new territories, new languages, cultures, experiences, and hope for the future. godless and amen to all in the natural world

"Ode to a Sea" Something I found in an old book, it's stupid but sounds nice in urdu

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